What’s Going On

There’s a lot going on in my life right now that has unfortunately kept me from this blog over the past week.  I’ve been stressed beyond relief busy with work and wedding stuff and just did not have it in me to sit and make posts that I would be proud of.

You see, when Chris and I came back from Jamaica, that wasn’t the end of all things ‘wedding’ for us.  We also had decided to do an at home reception so that we could celebrate with those who were unable to come to Jamaica with us. Well, the reception is this coming Saturday and I’ve been a complete stress ball trying to get everything in order. …. why couldn’t someone tell me ahead of time how difficult a simple little seating plan would be!?!

Thankfully things are starting to come together for this party and hopefully it all goes off without a hitch in the end.  We still have quite a lot to do this week though including editing our wedding video, making a slide show and assembling a playlist of music to play throughout the evening. I foresee several late nights in the coming days.

On top of all things reception-planning wise, last week at work we had a trade show. Thankfully we only host it every 3 years, but damn has that made me busy. I put myself out there this year and decided that I wanted to be involved so that I could show that I do have other skills that can pertain to the company. I actually got to make many specials flyers for the event and was very proud of the work that I did.  Along with the flyers, I helped with the set up and manned (or should I say wo-manned) the reception both for the entire day of the show. That being said, last Tuesday and Wednesday were looooooong days!

And just for a little icing on my last week, I’ve been injured and Chelsea (my horse) has been out of commission with a pulled shoe. I usually like to use riding or running as my stress-relievers, but due to some excruciating pain behind my left calf, I was unable to run. 😦  We’re also having trouble getting a hold of the farrier, so I can’t ride either now until Chelsea’s shoe is back on.

This post may sound like I’m complaining, but boy.. this past week it’s felt like my world has just been crumbling around me!

I know the reception will be worth it in the end, but I can’t express enough how much I am looking forward to it being over so that Chris and I can finally R-E-L-A-X and start to enjoy being newlyweds without any added stresses! 🙂

….before the week from hell began, I did mange to do a 5K! My race recap will come later today. 😉


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