Laura To The Rescue!

I was on a good roll post-wise lately and really wanted to make a post yesterday, but I was just having one of those days…. I don’t know what it was, but I was in a bad mood all day long and I didn’t want that to carry onto the blog.

With that being said, my mood was lifted in a way this morning when I came into the office to find this little guy on my desk.

Who can not be happy and excited to see a little itty bitty kitten!?!  Although, I say my mood was lifted in a way only because I was also immediately furious at the human being who decided it would be a good idea to dump this little guy outside near our office.  This little cutie was far from being wild – the moment I picked him up, he nuzzled into me and started purring his brains out!  He was found in the bushes by our office door this morning.

I wish I could say that this was the first time that this has happened. Unfortunately, it’s actually the 4th time we find kittens here.  It’s happened so often that everyone knows that I’m the one to go to when one is found.  I swear rescuing animals has to be my calling or something. I instantly went into rescue/find kitty a home mode when I spotted this little guy today. 

Luckily we got ahold of one of our coworkers who was still on his way into the office, so we had him pick up some wet food for our little kitten friend.  We have NO idea how long he was out there, but boy was he hungry!!!  I fed him a couple of little portions and he is now happily napping in his little box.

As for a home…… I convinced my boss that he would make a nice addition to her house. 😉

Go me!!!!!


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