I Can’t Hard-Boil An Egg + A Healthy Potato Salad?

My oh my…

Not wanting to sound like I’m tooting my own horn here but damn!  Give me a recipe and I can cook or bake almost anything!!! But….  and that’s a BIG BUT

I can’t properly hard-boil an egg for the life of me!!!!!

It’s embarrassing to say, but dang! Every time I try making hard-boiled eggs, the peeling process ends up being disastrous!

See what I mean?????

It’s so sad… so very very sad…  I’ve tried so many different methods, but nothing seems to help my issue of taking the shell off!  Any tips? tricks???

Thankfully these babies last night were just being chopped right up, so it didn’t matter that they weren’t looking so pretty.  (It did suck though that I lost all that protein goodness on the shell!)  I made a cold, CREAMY, and 100% HEALTHY potato salad last night for supper which was TO-DIE-FOR!!!

I saw the recipe over at Nienke’s blog Revel last week and knew that it had to be made in my kitchen pronto!!!!

As a kid, we never really ate potato salad.  I think because of it’s unhealthy properties (being made with a lot of mayo and other bad things), my mom simple would never buy it for us.  I don’t think I ever actually tried a real creamy potato salad until I went to university and started feeding myself for the first time.  It was love at first taste.  I think I ended up eating way too much potato salad, among other unhealthy things like beer, beer, and more beer during my first few years in university as I remember coming home with a good layer of freshman and perhaps 2nd, 3rd, 4th year 15???

Thankfully for my own well being, I smartened up shortly after finishing university.  I quit drinking and also quit eating bad foods like potato salad!!!!!

With all that being said, you can only imagine my excitment when I saw Nienke’s post.  The ‘creamy’ in this salad comes from Greek yogurt instead of mayo!!!!  Matched with the flavours of dijon, lemon juice and S&P, it honestly tastes like a mayo-based dressing!!!  This recipe is genius and will definitely be made more in my future.

Running Update

And just because I want to throw it in here…. I got a new running accessory last week!  A Bondi Band!!! (sorry for the sweaty, post-run shot)

I think I’ve mentioned before that I sweat like a mo-fo when I work out and really wanted something to help stop the sweat from allowing sunscreen to flow into and burn my eyes!!!  A normal sweat band just wasn’t doing to the trick so I decided to purchase a Bondi Band.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this but, it actually works!!!!  During my run, no sweat dripped into my eyes – it was amazing!! 🙂

Speaking of running, 3 more days until the Women on the Run 5K with Anita from My Running Bucket!! It’s going to be a fun race!

*****To all my fellow Southern-Ontario residents (I think the GTA is considered Southern-Ont?? lol) STAY COOL TODAY!!!!!!!  We’re supposed to see temps of around 33 deg today with humidex temps in the 40s!!!!!! Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!!!!*******

P.s. I totally made a peanut butter grilled banana sandwich for breakfast this morning..

It was epic.



3 thoughts on “I Can’t Hard-Boil An Egg + A Healthy Potato Salad?

  1. ur salad looks great.
    i made some potato salad last week. i used everything that you did, minus the pickles and added tomatoes and red peppers. delicious.

    see u on saturday! hopefully no rain!

  2. I love potato salad as long as its not store made. Yours looks delicious!

    LOL I live in the GTA, and the whole Southern, eastern ontario thing is chinese to me . I really should figure out where i Live but yes, high of 33-34 today . heat alert !

  3. Your sandwich looks amazing!
    My secret to peeling the eggs is that they have to be totally cooled off/cold before you do it. Cover them in some freezing water for a few minutes before you peel and you should be good to go!

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