The Garden – Week 3

Another Monday, another weekly garden update!!! 🙂

I’ve seen/made a lot of progress in the back yard over the past week — which included spending about 4 hours out there yesterday!!!!  The veggies are growing strong, the grass is starting to fill in, and the perennial garden is finally weeded and starting to look pretty amazing.  But why keep on talking when I can show you pictures!!

I love that we’re at a point where you can REALLY see some differences in only a few short weeks!

Here’s an overview of the yard 4 weeks ago

And here’s what it looks like now!!! HUGE difference eh? 😉

Saturday I went saw happy and trimmed a TON off of the lilac and forsynthia trees that are in my veggie garden.  They were looking too overgrown and were also providing too much shade to my veggies which need sun.

Here’s what it looks like now

Having trouble seeing a difference??? Here’s some shots from week 1

And yesterday’s shots 😉

Anyway.. on to the veggie progress! 🙂

By golly, we have beans!!!  Only 2 of my green bean plants actually sprouted (on the left), while all of my yellow waxed bean plants sprouted. Odd!! So I ended up planting some more green bean seeds and keep my fingers crossed. …something’s already eating the leaves on my yellow bean plants — BOO!

Marigold land all cleaned up

Tomatoes and herbs

Cucumbers and green onions. YES! the green onions have sprouted! 🙂

Brussels sprouts and leeks!  The leeks sprouted too!

Can’t see the leeks??? Here you go… aren’t they cute??? (gah i’m such a nerd!!!)

And the little lettuce

Last but not least for this section, a new addition!  I found a great deal on geraniums yesterday and thought this punch of deep hot pink would make a great addition. Unfortunately I didn’t pick the right time of day to photograph them and promise to take a better shot next week!

Now onto my perennial garden. I finally managed to get it weeded enough so that I’m not embarrassed to share it with you all.

The patio is coming along too!

Everything will be all lush and more inviting in due time! 🙂  As much as I’d like the next month to go by so that I can see everything fill out, I can wait.  I’d rather summer just took her sweet time to come and go.


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