The Sports Band + Summer Salad

So, despite the crazy humidity yesterday, when I got home from work I laced up and headed out for a run.  I had originally planned on running with one of my new accessories, but didn’t want to waste time getting it ready. Perhaps it will make it’s debut tomorrow night?

I set out wanting to run 5K last night, and I did it.

The run wasn’t easy by any means though.  For some reason, my lungs have a very hard time in the heavy humidity (I noticed this when running in Jamaica too).  Perhaps it has to do with my lack of conditioning? Or maybe my body just doesn’t agree with high intensity workouts in humidity? I didn’t want to give up on the run though, so whenever I found myself really struggling with my breath, I walked. I can’t stop saying how much more enjoyable my runs have been ever since I allowed myself to believe that walking was ok! My overall time wasn’t incredible, but I’m ok with it. I could have given up so many times and turned around, but I didn’t.  I pushed on… kept going… and felt amazing for it. 🙂

Thanks to my Nike+ Sports Band, here are my stats:

Speaking of the Nike+ Sports Band, I promised to talk about it several weeks ago – today is the day. 🙂

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been wanting a Garmin for ages.  You see bloggers all over the net using them and swearing by them.  As a new-ish runner, I wanted to fit in. I wanted one too! I’m so frugal though and did NOT want to pay the price for them! (up until a few months ago when they dropped, they ran at over $300!!!)

When I found out about the Nike Run Girl Run 10K last month, my mind suddenly became open to the Nike+ system. I had looked into it in the past, as it was a more affordable option to what I wanted in a gadget, but I never took the plunge and actually bought one.  Essentially, all I wanted was a watch that could tell me my pace, time, and distance.  I don’t have an iPhone though and didn’t want to start running with my Nano again (the only 2 devices that I thought you needed for Nike+). I did some searching anyway and realized that the Nike+ technology was also available in a sports band/watch too!!!

To anyone that knows me, when I find something I REALLY want, or have an idea that I really want to follow through on, there isn’t really anything that can hold me back.

I did some research on the Sport Band and decided it was going to be the gadget for me. It was at that moment when I realized that I still had a $50 Groupon for the Running Room! Score!! In the end, the Sports Band cost me about $35; perfect in my books.

Since I don’t have Nike shoes to insert the sensor, I ventured on to Ebay and found just what I needed to start running with my new system. Perfect!

I’ve been running with my new Nike+ Sports Band for a few weeks now and my verdict so far?


What do I love?

  • it’s very light weight and small; not much fits my teeny wrists and this is perfect
  • it comes in a pretty colour 😉
  • it’s easy to use
  • while running, with the push of a button I can cycle through the options to see my current distance, pace, calories burned, time run and actual time of day
  • it’s everything I need on one tiny screen
  • uploading is a breeze; the screen comes off the band and plugs right into the USB port on my computer then automatically uploads the run to my Nike+ page and my Facebook page
  • the Nike+ page allows me to track all of my runs and set goals for myself

All in all, I really don’t have anything bad to say about this gadget.  As more of a light recreational runner, it is exactly what I needed and wanted. Money well spent for sure!!!

Post-Run Eats!

I got to try out another new gadget last night..

We purchased this baby on the weekend with more wedding money.  We got a great deal too!  Normal price was $149.99 and we walked away paying only $65 thanks to finding a box labeled with an incorrect price! 😉

A normal size food processor was such a welcome addition to my kitchen since up until now, I’d cringe when I wanted to make something that needed to be processed.  My previous food processor was a mini one that barely even fit 1 cup worth of ingredients!

With this hot weather, I decided to give one of Angela’s recipes a try — Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad.

I just loved the freshness and liveliness of this salad.

I served it on some brown basmati rice to give the meal a little more umph.

I had actually made the salad before heading out for my run, so the nice cold salad on top of some warm rice made for a perfect post run meal! Love all around! 😉


3 thoughts on “The Sports Band + Summer Salad

  1. I haven’t sampled this delicious concoction as of this writing; however, when I do, the full review will be up on my blog, “Laura’s Damn Fine Foods” 🙂


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