Beautiful White Cupcakes

Having just gotten my new KitchenAid mixer on Thursday, it was obviously a must on my list to make some cupcakes on the weekend. You know, just to test my mixer’s skills. 😉

I figured that since Chris and I are trying to be as healthy as possible, that I’d try making a low-fat cupcake as an experiment. A healthier cupcake just helps to offset the non-healthy but oh so delicious buttercream frosting that I planned to top these babies with.

Being on a time restraint (we had to get somewhere for supper), I decided to google my little heart out and I found a recipe here. I saw that the recipe called for plain yogurt. We just happened to have just enough, so I started to bake!

These are hands down the prettiest cupcakes I’ve made to date!

Final verdict?

The taste = FANTASTIC.

The texture = not quite there.  I like my cupcakes nice and fluffy, yet this recipe yielded some that were a more dense, muffin-like texture. So, I think I’ll be doing some tweaking next time.

With all that being said, I still consider these babies a success.

They certainly disappeared fast. 😉

On another note, it’s supposed to be crazy HOT today!!! Hot as in 30+ degrees with a humidex of over 40! yikes!  In preparation, I made some overnight oats last night which I ate in my incredible overnight oat, pb banana chocolate parfait this morning!!!

 I definitely miss eating these babies in the morning. It just hits the spot!!!  Want to know what’s in it?  Check the recipe section at the top of the page under breakfasts. 😉

If you’re in my neck of the woods, hope you stay cool today!! 🙂

I just might be brave tonight and go for a run with a new running accessory! Stay tuned! 🙂


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