The Garden – Week 2

Well Mother Nature sure hasn’t really been cooperation since I planted my little garden.  The cool, dreary, rainy weather has been less-than-ideal for growing a garden.  These little plants and seeds of mine need some sun!!!  Thankfully the forecast for this week speaks of sunny skies and warm, or perhaps I should say HOT temperatures!  If the weather people are actually right for a change, it looks like this week we might have summer! 🙂

Needless to say, you will see in the following pictures that the growing this past week was at a minimum.  The only things that seemed to do well was my patio planters and the lettuce! We have little itty bitty baby lettuce!! 😉

Patio planters (and Boo):

Hoping for better weather this coming weekend so I can attack the patio with the power washer.

I planted some Spearamint (actually dug it up from the garden and put it in a pot after hearing how much it spreads!):

I also gave up hunting for edemame seeds and ended up planting some grape tomatoes in this pot (my mom had extra plants so why not?):

Pansies and snap dragons… the snap dragons seemed to do really well this past week. I can’t wait for them to flower as I got a mixed pack and am not sure what colours they will be.

The Kale and Bean section…still no sign of beans yet!:

Tomato and herb section…the basil is doing great!:

Cucumber section…no sign of any green onions yet:

The garlic chives seem bigger!:

I think the Brussels Sprouts are bigger too! No sign of leeks yet… but have a parsley now!:

And… Lettuce!!

And we actually have some grass!!!

This is what it looked like 3 weeks ago:

Things are coming along! Slowly but surely our garden/yard is getting there! 🙂


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