Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

Or, should I say, how does MY garden grow? 😉

Today I want to talk to you about my big plans for my garden this season.  For the last few years, springtime would hit and I’d pronounce “this is going to be the year!” for my garden, yet something would always come in the way to stop it and I’d be left at the end of the summer with not really any produce or really anything…

Last summer, I decided that I would start building up my veggie garden area with some railroad ties that had previously been in my parents garden.  Now, I’m not sure if we were just too busy with Chris moving in and such, but it seemed to take all summer to get the garden framed and my produce output = nothing. sigh…  The year before, I tried planting some veggies, but it was a bad summer… the weather was poor and bugs and animals ate everything I planted.

So, I will now proclaim, THIS IS THE YEAR!!

And I mean it this time. 😉

My last two Saturdays were spent out in the yard working my little behind off in preparation for the new season.  I figure if I blog about it, I’m more accountable to follow through with my plans. 😉  I took some pictures around the yard this morning and am looking forward to telling you what I envision for summer 2011.

Here’s an overall shot of the back yard.

So let’s talk about this lawn… (wow I feel all grown up suddenly talking all about gardening and my lawn haha). This is the 5th summer I spend in this house and this back lawn has been a downhill battle ever since I moved in. I’ve had a hell of a time with weeds. I’ve re-seeded over and over, yet the weeds just keep coming back. Our one neighbour is to blame… considering his back yard is WEEDS… which he cuts maybe once a month so their big enough to blow on over the fence to our lawn.  We considered tearing the entire back up this year and actually re-sodding it, but due to finances, I suggested trying the re-seed method ONE MORE TIME.  So, this past Saturday, I removed all the weeds from the right half of the lawn. Next we added some new soil, and then some seed.  I’ve been watering it diligently every morning and am anxiously waiting for some green to pop out of the earth.  As for the left side, it’s completely covered with a weed called creeping charlie. It’s a pain in my behind and is so difficult to remove.  As the seed grows on the right half of the lawn, I just plan to keep working on removing the creeping charlie on the left.  Once I get it all out, then the plan is to seed that half as well.

Maybe, just maybe, the plan will work!  If not, we will re-sod next year.

Next up, the perennial garden – right side.

I swear those little green weeds weren’t there last weekend when I spent so much time clearing and raking! Those little buggers!!!

I give the credit of this perennial garden to the original owners of my house.  Unfortunately the two owners before me did not tend to it at all and it really has actually taken me the past four summers working hard to get it back to its former glory. It’s not looking so hot just yet because things are just starting to grow again, but boy in a month or so, it’s going to look so serene and amazing back there!  Part of me wanted to put annual flowers back there as in previous years, but I’m going to take Chris’ suggestion this year and just leave it as is and let the nice green perennials do their job.

Here we have the left side of the perennial garden.

In another couple of weeks, this area will be known as the hosta haven. 🙂  Two Saturdays ago I did a LOT of tripping on the evergreens in this corner in hopes that the hostas will really stand out this year.  You can just barely see them starting to emerge.  P.s. that’s a Japanese maple at the back towards the middle. I’m so excited for the leaves to come out as it just makes this garden! (wow don’t I sound like a nerd! haha)

Now on to my VEGGIE garden!! Wooo!!!

There’s obviously nothing in here yet.. aside from the lilac trees and the forsynthia on the far right. But it’s just about ready to go.  Two Saturdays ago, I tilled the current soil and added about 12 bags of fresh soil.  Tonight, I will be bringing home some manure from the farm to mix on in for extra nutrients and it will be all ready to go! You may be wondering what I plan on planting in here this year?  Well, it’s not 100% finalized yet, but I’m thinking along the lines of tomatoes, mini cucumbers, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, green beans, waxed beans, green onions, carrots, lettuce, basil, rosemary, thyme, and chives. There may be more, or less – it all depends on what I find when I go shopping for the plants.  Aside from the kale and brussel sprouts, which I actually already have and just need to add the manure before I plant, it’s too early to get more plants in the ground.  Kale and brussel sprouts are pretty harty plants, but I don’t want to risk losing anything else just yet.  It was only 4 deg when we woke up this am, so I think I’ll wait a couple more weeks before I get my planting done!

I am so excited to see how much produce we’ll be able to grow and how much money we’ll be able to save this summer!! 🙂

And just to finish off this post, a few glimpses of the patio.

It’s obviously pretty BLAH right now… but the planters are all ready to go!

Gah!!!! I’m so gosh darn excited to see how this will all look come July!!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

  1. I remember tending to a zuchini in my parents garden when i was a teenager, i named it zachary and no one could pick him and he grew to be massive, lol!
    Your garden is going to be amazing!!! Since we are moving this summer i’m going to have to wait till next year to start mine but i’ll be keeping track of yours for tips 🙂

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