Run Girl Run!

I was nervous.

I was scared.

I was thinking I was crazy.


I did it.

Friday night, I ran 10K near my house as part of the Nike+ Run Girl Run! virtual race.

There was no set time, no set place, no people to run with and race against. It was all about me.  The only ‘rule’ was that I had to run 10KM by midnight on May 6. For completing it, I’m supposed to be getting a Nike dry-fit shirt although I’m still waiting to hear how I go about getting that.

I decided on doing this run kind of on a whim.  When I had heard about it, I actually started doing some research right away on Nike+.  I had thought about getting it in the past, but shied away from it because all I’d read about in the blog world is how much runners love their Garmins.  To me, a Garmin would be amazing, but wasn’t really an investment that I’d like to make at this point.  With my injuries and such, I have decided to put long-distance running sort of at the back burner until I’m 100% healed.  It still would be nice having some sort of equipment letting me know my up-to-date stats, so I decided to pick up a Nike+ Sportsband.  I will review it in a future post – promise! 🙂 With some new Nike+ equipment in my possession, I figured “why not!?” and actually to my own surprise, committed to running 10KM on May 6.

Although I was nervous and scared, I did my best to fuel up properly for my run all day long.  Along with hydrating as much as possible (without feeling like I had to pee every 5 minutes), I ate a fantastic lunch of a sweet potato and turkey chili, then had a great pre-run snack of carrot sticks, cheese and crackers.  My pre-run snack was eaten at around 4pm, and upon arriving at home, I decided to give a Clif shot a try.

It was my first time trying a Clif shot, but I figured this would be the perfect opportunity since I wasn’t actually running a ‘race’ and I’d be fairly close to home.  The taste was great and I really think it gave me some helpful energy.

By 5:50, I was ready to go!

To keep things easy, I chose to do a straight out and back course for my run.  I ventured out on a country road so I could do most of the run on the soft cushy shoulder in hopes that it would prevent pain in my previously injured leg.

This run was NOT easy. It was sunny, then it was sprinkling, then it was POURING …. the weather was so all over the place, but thankfully temperature wise it was good.  Weather aside though, I found myself struggling at several points, but thank goodness I have accepted the walk/run method over the past few months.  I tried to stick to walking for 1 minute every 10 minutes, but around the 5km mark walks were more frequent. I still finished in a fairly good time though of 1:09!!!  It was only my 2nd 10KM and my previous time was 1:04:05.  I honestly thought I would have been much slower considering all the walking I did.  But now come to think of it, I guess this really does show how the walk/run method can work to give you a faster time.  I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “she got a slower time, so how is this good?”  For my first 10KM I was definitely more in ‘shape’ than I was on Friday. I ran the entire race without walking and finished 1:04:05. I also remember running VERY SLOWLY at certain points during that race.  I believe that if I would have walked when I felt pain during that race, I probably would have finished with an overall better time. So yeah.. walk/run all the way baby!!!

I still can’t believe I actually managed to finish the entire 10KM on Friday night.  (especially after almost giving up and turning around only 3km in) I got home absolutely soaking wet from the rain and sweat, and almost on the verge of tears because I was so PROUD of myself for completing what I had set out to do!

I did my stretches and immediately set for the kitchen where I got this into my system. I was starving!!!

I was feeling really great and proud of myself, and then the weird thing hit…

First weird thing, my toe!!!!  I felt 0 as in ZERO pain the entire time I was running, but after I got home and took my shoes off, I felt some odd pain in a toe on my left foot.  When I took my sock off, I noticed my toe nail was purple!!! ***warning I’m going to show a picture of my toe***


toe picture ahead..

if feet gross you out don’t look..

it’s coming..

now… 😉

This was taken this morning, so 3 days after the run, there hasn’t been any change. It doesn’t look very purple in this picture, but when comparing to my other toe nails, damn! It’s purple!!

And it’s not just a discoloration… it HURTS!!! I was literally hobbling around all weekend and it’s only now starting to feel a little better.  So to you runners — WTF??  Has this happened to you?  Any idea why this may have happened?  I just don’t get that I didn’t feel a single thing as I was running.

On top of the toe issue, maybe 1hr after completing my run, after I fueled up and drank a lot of water, I started to feel not so hot.  As in I started to feel nauseous and I’ve felt like crap ever since!  I don’t know what’s going on with me.  I thought I did everything right leading up to that run, although it was hard, overall I felt good about the run, but damn!  I’ve been a hurting unit ever since!!

…the things I do for free clothes!!! 😉


6 thoughts on “Run Girl Run!

    • thanks Aneta!!
      as for the women’s run in June, let me see what happens with my toe and I’ll let you know. 😉 Since it hurts, I’m not going to run unti it’s feeling better. I do really want to do the run though!

  1. I’ve been lucky to not get creepy purple toe, but I’ve read a lot of blogs of ladies who have. Sometimes it grows out, and sometimes it falls off…sorry! (:

    Nice run! I started out with the Nike band before taking the plunge and getting a Garmin.

    Make sure you keep moving after a longer run – they say not to sit down for 30 minutes and to exercise the next day (an easy workout – walking, a short bike ride, etc).

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