Running: Where I’m At

With all of the wedding posts complete, it’s not time to get back to regular programming over here. 😉

Today, I want to open up about my running.

I set a very ambitious goal back in February. That goal was to run a Half-Marathon on May 22. I had a 12 week program all laid out stretching it over 14 weeks and everything was going great… until I got hurt. I had purchased a new pair of shoes before starting out on my half-training and part of me believes it was the shoes that irritated a very old injury.  After a lot of soul-searching, in midst of finishing the wedding planning and even doing the wedding thing, I made a decision. I will not be running the May 22 half. Even though I had already registered and paid the $60, I’ve realized that letting my leg heal is far more important than running the race and risking a permanent injury.

You have no idea how hard it is for me to ‘quit’ that goal. Part of me feels like I failed myself, but deep down I know that I made the right decision.  I’m still going to attend the race expo the day before the Half and pick up my race kit (hey, I did pay for the shirt! 😉 ), but it’s definitely going to be hard getting that kit and knowing that I won’t be able to actually run. 😦

So where does this leave me running-wise now?

Well, like I had mentioned in my wedding posts, I did manage to run twice while in Jamaica, and I’ve even done several runs now that I’ve been home.  I’ve been running in my old shoes and the pain isn’t there anymore. However, the thing is, my mileage sucks. I don’t know if I lost my confidence when this injury occured?  Or, if it’s just the fact that I’m not really in running shape anymore? But I find myself panicking a bit when I reach only a measly 2 miles. With that goal axed, part of me isn’t really finding the joy in running.  Before getting hurt, I had spunk and felt so much joy when running… I need to get that back!

Call me crazy, but this coming Friday, I plan on participating in a Nike+ Virtual 10K run.

This run sort of came out of nowhere!  The actual (FREE!) event Run Girl Run is being held downtown Toronto on Friday. Each runner gets a great race kit and free Nike dri-fit shirt!  The bonus to this whole thing is that if you can’t make it downtown, you can participate in the virtual run by doing your 10K on Friday and uploading to your Nike+ account. Believe it or not, I actually purchased Nike+ after finding out about this event (more on that in a future post).  This Friday, I’ll be able to take my time, enjoy myself and finish a 10K.  Maybe this will be the key in getting me back into the groove?

…now hopefully mother nature cooperates. 😉


4 thoughts on “Running: Where I’m At

  1. Getting yourself better is SO important. Trust me, I know how you’re feeling. After my concussion, I STILL can’t do anything bouncy! Is there any way that you can WALK the half marathon? Or is that crazy? Just wondering if there’s a way you can take part without feeling like you’re losing your $.

  2. hey good luck on the virtual race this weekend…..actually it is today! lol
    i love free races and really considered this one but there is no race day pick up and i couldnt get there this week.
    r we still running that Girls on the Run in June? I still want to, if u r interested.
    let me know

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