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Our Wedding Day!!!

I’m not going to lie… this post will be heavy on the wedding pictures! But, it’s my blog, and it was my wedding… so I’m allowed. 😉

So this is it, my official wedding day post. It’s going to be a doozy!

April 9, 2011 – I woke up the same as every other day in Jamaica, by some shaking of some sort from Chris advising me that BREAKFAST was being served!! The clock probably read 7am! 😉  Despite what others told us, we didn’t sleep in separate rooms the night before our wedding.  We weren’t going the traditional route for the wedding, so why stay traditional for that? Plus we live together anyway, so a night apart would have just sucked.  The morning of our wedding we ate breakfast together and then we said our ‘good-bye’s’ parting ways until 2pm when I’d walk down the aisle towards him.

Chris went off with his friends, I’m assuming to the bar pool (the usual am hang out spot) and I went to hang with my parents, cousin and sister-in-law-to-be! (my brother’s fiance)  I just wanted to RELAX but boy were those butterflies going crazy in my stomach!  This was me faking ‘being relaxed’.

I don’t know what happened but after only a short swim and this attempt at relaxing in the shade it was lunch time already!!  The downside of being at such a small resort was that it was pretty next to impossible to avoid someone…especially when that someone is my husband, who LOVES food! Knowing that I wasn’t supposed to see him until the ceremony just seemed to make the butterflies in my stomach go even crazier when I saw him at the buffet. It was like right at that moment, everything we had been planning for the last 11 months was actually coming to a reality!  I was so hyper/excited/NERVOUS that all I could really eat for lunch was crackers and a few pieces of cheese!

So what was with those nerves???? I wasn’t nervous at all about the getting married part, but I think the whole ‘being the center of attention’ thing had finally hit me. Having a small destination wedding was ideal for me because there wouldn’t be a lot of people watching me as I’m really not very good being the center of attention. But, alas, the nerves still seemed to hit.

After lunch, I made my way back to our suite to shower before my mom, sister-in-law and cousin came over to help me get ready.  My sister-in-law did my makeup for me and my cousin was in charge of my hair. *you girls are AMAZING! and I can’t thank you enough for what you did!*

Meanwhile, Chris got ready in his parents’ room.

For some reason at 1:45, I was the most relaxed girl in the room…

The only thing I was worried about at that time was if I would use the bouquet I made (with the turquoise gerberas) or if I would use the free bouquet that I got with my package at the resort. I ended up sticking to the original plan and using the one I had made. The real flowers ended up being nice decoration in our room for the rest of our stay. Too bad I couldn’t bring them home as they really were gorgeous and just full of orchids!

My dad made his way to my room at about this time and sent all the girls on their way to the ceremony site.  At 2pm on the dot, the wedding coordinator, Dionne, arrived and whisked my dad and I away.  After a short walk through the building we emerged outside.  I could see the ceremony site, but no one could see me.  My heart was literally pounding out of my chest!  I told my dad I loved him, and off we went!!

I walked down the asile to the song “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” by Tavares.  It was light, upbeat, unexpected and most of all FUN! I was honestly on the verge of tears before exiting the building with my dad, so being able to ‘dance’ our way down the aisle really helped me hold those suckers in!

I honestly don’t really remember much from this moment on. It was if I was in a different world through all this because it literally is a big blur – I’m pretty sure Chris can say the same. Thank goodness we have all the pictures and videos to jog our memories.

It was official! We actually did it!!!

I still haven’t watched the ceremony yet (we had 3 people taking video) and am very anxious to relive the moment. Perhaps it will jog my memory a bit?

Since our ceremony was at 2pm and supper wouldn’t be until 6:30, we decided to go ahead and have our cake and champagne toast on the beach post-ceremony. I’m so glad we did! The chocolate cake make for a fantastic snack! 😉

While our guests enjoyed their cake and champagne, we decided to utilize the time to sneak in our first dance. “When You Love Someone” by Bryan Adams.


With my parents…

And with my new in-laws…

With my brothers and sister-in-laws…

With my in-laws, Chris’ aunt, uncle and cousins…

With my grandma (next to Chris) and my great-aunts and great-uncle (my grandma’s sisters)…

I am so thankful and still so overwhelmed with how many family members and friends ended up coming down to share our big day with us. They helped make it as special as it was. The staff at the Riu Negril was absolutely incredible and really played a huge part in making our dream day come true. We can’t thank them enough!

After we shot MANY pictures around the resort, we all took a little break to cool off before meeting up for supper at the steakhouse.  It was a low-key, private meal just for our group and it was again perfect.

I’ll finish off this post with a few more of my favourite shots and then I promise! that’s it for wedding stuff!!! 😉

I’ll finish this post by saying how happy and proud I am to now be married to my best friend and the most amazing man I have ever met!!! I can’t wait to see how our life together unfolds. Love you babe!! 😉


8 thoughts on “Our Wedding Day!!!

  1. I someone came across your site while googling riu negril weddings lol makes me so excited I’m getting married march 20 read soooo many bad reviews got a little paranoid!!! Any advice?!

    • Hi!! thanks for commenting and CONGRATS on your upcoming wedding!!! My advice to you – DO NOT READ THE BAD REVIEWS!!! Honestly, I did the same thing leading up to our big day and was freaking out for NOTHING. I couldn’t say enough good things about the Riu Negril. The place, the staff, the food, EVERYTHING! We had a group of 27 with us and no one had any complaints. To say that our wedding and week there was INCREDIBLE is even an understatement! lol

  2. i just re-read ALL your wedding posts!
    Riu Negril was one of the resorts that we considered going to on our honeymoon. looks like a great trip and an even more amazing weekend!

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