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Our Wedding Trip – Part 3

Part 3

What can I say about what we did during our stay in Jamaica? It was literally a week of a lifetime. Aside from the wedding day, our days consisted of getting up bright and early .. ie. me being woken up by Chris all excited to hit up the breakfast buffet.. followed by enjoying an incredible breakfast – fresh smoothies and all.  Our mornings were mostly spent lounging in the bar pool, while most afternoons were spent hanging out in the ocean. We would all head to our rooms around 5:00 to shower and get ready for supper. Most suppers were at the buffet and then we’d join our group to watch the nightly shows. Doing ‘nothing’ each day was amazing. Now I see what all the guff is all about when people rave about their all-inclusive vacations!!!

I’ve chosen a very slim few shots that I would like to consider some of the highlights of the trip for me. We literally have thousands of photos from the week so it was definitely hard picking only a few. Enjoy!

This was the first time our feet went in the Caribbean ocean

And here we have the most EPIC drink served at the Riu Negril — the Miami Vice!! Chis and I aren’t really ‘drinkers’ but we definitely had at least one of these every day. 😉 It was a combination of strawberry daiquiri slush, pina colada slush and blue caracao.

Hanging out in the bar pool…I loved the benches, so handy for lounging.

Ocean fun with our friends!

Caught by the paparazzi – ie. my father in law 😉

I made Chris pull the finger on the second last day 😉 ..he was really just pointing us to the food!

Chris and I were ‘violated’ during a big group dance the night before our wedding. 😉

The day after our wedding we decided to do something different and decided on sailing with my uncle and his girlfriend. My uncle claimed he knew how to sail….we only had to be helped/rescued by a Sandals employee twice while we were stuck near their beach. lol

We were so good that we even worked out while on vacation! Three times to be exact – and there’s proof!! The first workout day I managed to run 2M and bike 2M; the second workout day, I ran 2.65M and had enough. Running in that heat and humidity was nuts!!! Chris did some Insanity with our friend Mike the first day before proceeding to his strength training. He stuck to only his strength training workout day #2. On our last full day, we decided to try the water aerobics in the ocean. That was TOUGH!!! but felt SOOO good! I was sorry that I hadn’t tried it earlier in the week.

They caught me! Miami Vice #…????

I know I keep saying it, but I really can’t express enough how amazing our week was. Three days in, it felt like the time was going by nice and slowly – exactly how we wanted. Sadly on day 7, it felt like the whole week flew and we were very sad to leave…

We honestly can’t wait to go back some day!!

Tomorrow = the big event! The Wedding!!!! 🙂


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