My Pre-Wedding Girls Weekend

I’m not really the party-type girl who wanted a big Bachelorette bash before my wedding, so I was pretty excited when my mom suggested a girls weekend instead.  This past weekend my mom took me, my sister-in-law (brother’s wife) and sister-in-law-to-be (other brother’s fiancée) away to a lake-side resort called The Briars.

The idea of the weekend was to relax, enjoy eachother’s company, and EAT.

And boy did we ever eat! 😉

We arrived just in time for lunch on Saturday and enjoyed a vast buffet including homemade ravioli, a to-die-for raspberry/basil vinigarette on spinach and an incredible pork panini. I knew we were going to have a great weekend after that very first bite!

With full bellies, it didn’t take me long to track down a horse, of course! 😉 His name was Drifter btw…and we became great friends.

The resort was offering sleigh rides, which in turn was really a wagon ride. I obviously jumped at the opportunity!

Here I am with my future sister-in-law Katie

And here’s my mom and sister-in-law Fiona

As much as I loved the wagon ride, it was far from the best point of the weekend. We got back to the resort FREEZING cold from the breeze so went in right away to track down some hot chocolate to warm up.  It was really neat how you could essentially do what you wanted, when you wanted around the resort.  You could take part in organized activities, or do your own thing… like climbing all the way up the tower and collapsing on the comfy couches!

After warming up a bit, my mom suggested heading back outdoors for a walk around the grounds.  Even though it was cold, we figured why not! It really was a gorgeous day, and the fresh air felt great.  We ventured out the front and down to the still frozen lake.

I would really love to go back here some day in the summer with Chris.  I bet it is gorgeous that time of year and you can do really cool activities such as canoeing on the lake!

We had worked up our appetites again after our wander around the gounds, so we went back to our room where we enjoed a little snack courtesy of my mom.

We enjoyed a little spread of cheese, smoked salmon, hummus, carrots and crackers along with some ceasars. It was really nice just sitting, relaxing and essentially doing nothing.

Our relaxing snack time then just so happened to turn over into what I was most looking forward to — supper!!! We got all dolled up and made our way down to the restaurant at 7:30 on the dot, just in time for our reservation.

I’m not going to lie, I had already looked at the menu MANY times online and already knew what I was going to eat.

For my starter:

OMG Drool!!!! The flavour combination of the prusciutto and the brie went together perfectly. I ate every last bite.

And for my starter an obvious choice for me

I just LOVE lamb and again managed to eat every last bite. 😉

Dessert was a very tough selection for me. I was  little bummed at the lack of chocolate on the menu.

I went with the raspberry and honey creme brulée

It was an obvious FANTASTIC choice and just the right size too!

Our Saturday night was then finished off with an hour in the pool and some time in the hot tub (Sorry, no pictures of that folks) 😉 all before crashing by midnight.

The weekend was all in all fantastic. We got to relax just how I wanted and we got to eat some pretty amazing food all while chatting our little hearts out.  I love how close I am with my mom and sister-in-laws and can’t wait until we venture out together again! ♥ those girls!


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