Wedding DIY: Key-Card Holders

I’m on a roll now everyone! 🙂  Finally, all of my DIY projects are coming together and I’m getting things done!

Next up on the list are key-card holders for each of our guests.  I got this idea from other destination wedding brides and couldn’t not do it for ours! 🙂

I purchased the lanyards and zippered card holders off of different sellers on ebay and then I designed and printed the insterts.  Incase you can’t read them, they say “I take you to carry my key and tip money, for poolside or barstool, for soused or for sober, in heat and in humidity, until I depart.”

Here’s a close-up

These will be included in the bags that we plan to give our guests on their first night.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions to them!

GIRL’s WEEKEND starts tomorrow!!! Be ready for some fun posts when I return! 🙂

Edited to add: here’s the template for anyone interested! keycardholder


10 thoughts on “Wedding DIY: Key-Card Holders

  1. They look awesome I am trying to find the templates for this. Where did you get yours? I am not creative at all and was wondering if anyone actually sells them made already!

  2. Hi! These are really cute and they’re the same blue of my Punta Cana wedding in June. I’d love to use these…the best ideas are borrowed! 😉
    Do you mind emailing me the template/word file? I don’t see anything attached below.

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