Me, A Seamstress?

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but when I purchased my wedding dress, it came with an extremely long train.  Like I’m talking probably 8ft long give or take. It was way too long for me considering I’m only 5’3 and it was definitely way too long for a beach wedding. So, I had it all cut off. 🙂

The seamstress had cut off so much from my dress that I was left with a pile of fabric!  I spent my hard-earned money on that dress, and that pile of fabric, so I was going to make sure that it wasn’t going to be wasted.

Then I had an idea….I’m known for having some very ambitious ideas at times…

I was going to turn that pile of material into a dress!

Not just any dress, but a dress that I can wear for dinner the night before my wedding and then again at our at home reception! (yes, it is now confirmed that we will be having a reception to celebrate with those who can’t come to Jamaica with us)

Anyway, back to the dress.

Several months ago, my mom and I went to the local Fabricland to hunt for a pattern – we found something perfect!  I couldn’t get a picture of the cover of the pattern because it’s at my mom’s house, but imagine if you will, a cute little cocktail dress with one strap, rushing around the waist only to then flow out stopping about 3 inches above the knees. 🙂

There was actually enough extra fabric from my wedding gown to make this dress!!!

I took a look at the pattern last week, and instantly found myself overwhelmed.  I hadn’t really sewn with a pattern since grade 8 when I made a mass of stuffed animals in home ec class. So this past Sunday, I went to spend some time with my mom.  We did some measuring and laying out and she got to work on starting to cut each and every little piece.

Last night, it was my turn to start the sewing.

My job was to cut out some lining to match the actual taffeta that my mom already cut for the top portion of the dress.  I then had to sew the pieces together as per the image above.  My mom said it would be about a 15 minute job – how about 1.5 hours!!!

That’s what my table looked like last night at 10pm.  It’s hard to believe that all these random pieces of material will turn into a dress, but I am hopeful!

Posting on here also makes me accountable so that I won’t give up!!

On schedule for tonight – actually sew those pieces together in hopes that it might look like a top of a dress! 😉 …after my 3 mile run of course!


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