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Wedding Countdown – 1 Month To Go!!

I can’t believe we’re at the 1 month mark now! Wow has time ever flown by!! Last summer it felt like our wedding day would take forever to get here and now we’re only a month away.  Exactly 4 weeks from this very moment, we’ll be down in Jamaica relaxing on the beach. I can’t wait!!!

Our rings have been picked up, my dress fits perfectly… aside from needing a few bathing suits, we’re ready to go!!!

Considering how mother nature has been behaving lately, these next 4 weeks can’t go by fast enough!

My back yard looked like this before work this morning

A little bit of hope in sight, right?  Snow almost all gone… possibilities of grass to start showing… Well, not anymore. *sigh* The snow has been falling since noon and it just looks like a complete mess out there. Get me outta here!!!

While on the topic of this morning, I had a little extra time, so I decided to cook my oats on the stove rather than in the microwave.

I can’t believe how much creamier they get cooking them the right way!!! 😉  In the mix, oats, chia seeds, milk and vanilla.

I ate them with my favourite fruity topping.

Along with a coffee, it made for a perfectly delicious start to my day.

Granola Bar Fail

So I tried making up a granola bar recipe last night in attempt to save us a few $$$ on our extra grocery bill — especially since it’s been all over the news this week that we should expect to see grocery prices rising. I’m sad to admit that the recipe was a fail. 😦

The taste was phenomenal!!!! But they were definitely lacking in the stickiness department causing them to be VERY crumbly and essentially fall apart when I tried to cut.

Oh well! Live and learn right?? 🙂

…it’s so depressing looking out the window right now seeing the wind and snow. Ugh… do I dare try to make the trek north to the farm to ride tonight? Or do I go home, suck it up and try the Spartacus workout again?  Decisions, decisions 😉


4 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown – 1 Month To Go!!

  1. The first time I made a granola bar, it ended up crumbling everywhere. I didn’t use fat to hold it together but I still found it to be good lol Love cooking up oats the right way, so tasty 😀

    • All I used was peanut butter and some brown rice syrup to hold it together, but I’m guessing just not enough. At least the taste is there so the mixture will definitely not go to waste! 🙂

  2. I cook my granola bars and use an egg, peanut butter and a small amount of butter to hold them together. Those are the only constant ingredients I use and vary the rest for flavor and texture. They come out really nice. I can send it to you if you like. Wonderful save of the failed recipe though. It looked super yummy!!!

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