Running Hiccups + A Virtual Race + New Vitamins!

Wow, what a title eh?  I sure am creative!!! 😉

I have a few things that I wanted to talk about today, so I figured that I may as well just do it all in one post. Go me!

Running Hiccups

I knew there was a good reason to start my half-marathon training 2 weeks earlier…I just didn’t think that I would need to use up some of my spare time so early on.  With that being said, I didn’t complete my weekly long-run this past weekend due to pain in my feet. 

Last Thursday was my third run in my new shoes, but first run using my plain-ol’ every day cotton socks instead of my Lulu running socks.  In my old shoes, I actually preferred my cotton socks, but they are NOT going to work in the new shoes.  My Thursday night run actually felt pretty great until it was over!  As soon as I started to walk, I immediately noticed some major pain on the insides of BOTH heels.  My shoes came off, followed by my socks only to reveal some bright red, swollen spots. Not good. 😦  I took it easy for the rest of the night and throughout the day on Friday, however Friday night marked inventory time for my workplace.  I started my workday at 8am and finished my day at 10pm, spending the last 5 hours on my feet.  My feet were BURNING by the time I got home Friday night. Considering that I had to be right back at work 8am Saturday morning to complete inventory, I decided Friday night hat the best thing for me would be to take the weekend off of running.

Luckily, I have those 2 extra weeks in my training program. Since I don’t want to mess with my feet – which are essential to my running for obvious reasons – I am just going to re-do the 2nd week of my training program. I have my Lulu socks packed, so hopefully the pain doesn’t return tonight!

**a little note: just because I’m not always talking about it, I am documenting every single step of this training journey. Click on the Daily Mile image on the right hand column to follow my progress as I complete each and every run! I’m really loving the Daily Mile as it allows me to document everything including my mood and how I’m feeling overall. I believe it will be a great tool as my training progresses.

A Virtual Race!

I’m really excited about this one! My blogger-friend Aneta from My Running Bucket, alongside Linz from beyond DESTINATION 26.2 are hosting a virtual race! Click the image below for details!

How cool is that?! 🙂 I obviously signed up right away to do the 7k as it will fit right in with my training plan during the time frame that the run must be completed – March 17-20.  I’m going to need to find something green to wear!!! 😉

New Vitamins

Thanks to the lovely folks over at Bzz Agent, I was chosen to test out a new multi-vitamin called Multibionta.

I am very interested in giving this new vitamin a try due to the pretty outstanding claims they make:

Considering today is March 1, I figured that it’s the perfect day to start taking these for a 30-day challenge.  I will report back! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Running Hiccups + A Virtual Race + New Vitamins!

    • thanks for the comment!!
      it was definitely the socks though. when I removed my shoes, they were all bunched up in the exact spot that was hurting. I’ve experienced no pain what-so-ever with my actual running socks.

  1. Ive been a member of Bzz agent for 4 months fill out everything that ask yet ive never got to complete a trial for anything. What level are u in Bzz agent? IM a Busy Bee. im wanting to give up on bzz agent but i see everyones getting free samples.. and dont want to miss my chance

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