Greek Yogurt – Finally!

If only, I had video footage of my face when I spotted GREEK YOGURT in the latest President’s Choice Insider’s Report. It was probably a little like this – 😯

You have NO idea how excited I was!

I’ve been reading healthy-living blogs for over a year now and all this time have been wanting to try Greek Yogurt.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been as readily available to us Canadians as it is for my American friends.  A few months ago, I spotted a Liberté brand of Greek yogurt, but I wasn’t too fond of the $5.99 price tag, so chose to move on.  The moment that I saw that PC had their own Greek yogurt, for only $3.99, it immediately went on my grocery list!

I was like a little speed demon making my way through my local Loblaws on Saturday. I walked in the store and made a beeline right over to the yogurt section to find only 3 tubs left! Phew!

So here we have it, PC impresses me yet again….Greek yogurt!!

The protein content of this stuff just rocks my socks!

I was pretty gung-ho to give this a shot, so I prepped myself a little bowl that afternoon.

We had bought some new granola (which we also saw in the insider’s report) which I thought would go great with the yogurt.


 So I mixed some in with a few fresh strawberries and a couple of shakes of this maple sugar that I have.

Being my first time trying Greek yogurt, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Boy was that tart! To be completely honest, it didn’t exactly blow my socks off at first bite. But I ate the entire thing knowing that it was good for me. 😉

Last night, I decided to give it another shot for my pre-bed snack. I don’t usually snack after supper, but we ate fairly earlier than I am used to and by 9pm, I was starving!  This time I tried some frozen blueberries (which I thawed for about 20 sec in the microwave first), granola and a few shakes of the maple sugar.

This combination was much better! It tasted like a dessert!

I definitely think this new Greek yogurt is going to become a staple to our weekly grocery list.  It’s only been 2 days, and we have eaten about 3/4 of the tub! Here’s hoping the $3.99 price tag isn’t temporary!


4 thoughts on “Greek Yogurt – Finally!

  1. I love Greek yogurt! I never even thought that you wouldn’t be able to get it in Canada. Even the non-trendy grocery store by me has about 5 different brands.

    I use it instead of sour cream (on chili, tacos, in dips, etc) AND with granola. I always mix in a some fruit preserves/jelly to sweeten it up. It’s insane how thick and creamy and protein-y it is!

  2. That makes me laugh. The day after I got the PC report, I brought it into work because a lot of my co-workers are obsessed with greek yogurt and have been buying it at Highland Farms for way more money. We were all so dorky getting excited about it! Went with a co-worker the next day and she bought a bunch 🙂 I’m lactose intolerant but I still bought a little container of the flavored kind (I think mango and passionfruit or something like that) and it was pretty good!

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