I Did It! I’m Officially Registered!

Last night marked day 1 of my second week of half-marathon training.  My workout was FANTASTIC!!! I have decided that I’m going to dub Tuesdays, which are my shorter runs for the program, my speed-work days. I pushed my body throughout the entire workout last night and loved how strong I felt.  I not only hit a PR by averaging a 9:33/mile pace, but I ran the 2 miles in 19:06 – another PR!!!

Since I’m on such a high from a fabulous run, I went ahead and bit the bullet.

I am happy to report (although I’m not going to lie – somewhat scared of the fact) that…

I Am Officially Registered for the WIN Half-Marathon!!

I’m a little scared, but VERY excited all at the same time!  The next few months are going to be a LOT of hard work, but I know that I have the determination and will do this thing!!! 🙂


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