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My February Long Weekend

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend! I had a great time relaxing away from the computer. 

Curious as to what I was up to?

Right after work Friday, I headed on over to the Running Room in search of some new shoes. I did some research and decided that I wanted to go with Asics GT-2150.  Luckily for me, they were on clearance for only $79.99 and they actually had my size! Snazzy eh? 😉

As soon as I tried them on, I knew that they would do the trick.  I felt the support around my heels right away – yay!!

I tested them out on my weekly long-run Sunday and NO PAIN!! 🙂  I’m very glad I decided to go and grab these at the start of my training plan vs. trying to tough it out and getting hurt!

Saturday, we spent the afternoon with my parents. I made one little trip with my dad over to Rogers where we upgraded my phone!! I’ve finally entered the wonderful world of touch screen phones by getting a Samsung Corby Touch.

I don’t have any smart phone features (by choice) and is exactly what I need. Now I’m just waiting for my pink cover to come!

Once we got my phone situation under control, we got to work on ironing on my logo to our wedding OOT (out of town) bags. I may, or may not have screwed up two of them.. (thank goodness I bought extras!) …

I may or may not have had a glass of wine while working on them… (can’t remember the last time I had a glass of wine!)

But with some perseverance, and help from an iron..

..and with a little help from a marble mortar..

..followed by some careful peeling… (haha I love how you can see my mom’s vitamin collection in almost all of these pictures!)

We were successful!!! I’ll let my mom have the honour of this one. 😉

I’m definitely happy with how they turned out!  We got half of them done on Saturday and my mom is going to work on the rest throughout the week. You’ll get to see more detailed pictures, in proper lighting once my entire OOT bags are completed.

Sunday started off the same as all of my Sundays – with an early morning at the farm to do the chores.  I mucked the barn, fed and watered then gave my crabby Chelsea a hug before heading home to clean up.  I contemplated doing my 3M long-run outdoors, but the sun was deceiving. -8 temperatures, even with sun, isn’t really running weather for me. So we packed up and headed over to my parents’ house again where I did my run on the treadmill.

Our Sunday then continued with an incredible supper at this restaurant called Port.  Chris’ aunt was visiting from Calgary (it was my first time meeting her) and a big group of us met there for supper.  I’m so mad that I forgot my camera because the food was to die for! I ordered the meat loaf which was made of Canadian raised Kobe beef. OMG DROOL…  it was served on steamed asparagus, with a beet puree and applewood smoked cheddar garlic mashed potatoes. For dessert, Chris’ mom and I split the pumpking cheesecake. The entire meal was incredible.  If you live near Pickering, I definitely recommend this restaurant.

Monday, otherwise known as Family Day, was a movie day in our house.  After breakfast we did some shovelling in the freezing cold – I’ve had enough of this winter!!!- and then sat on the couch for movie number 1.

LOVED IT!!! I’m a huge John C. Reilly fan. So when Chris and I saw the trailer on a few months back, we knew it was going to be a must-see for us. It was so worth the wait. Hehehe

We took a break after Cyrus to do a bit of housework and eat some lunch.  As we prepped for movie number 2, Chris’ mom called. So while he was chatting away with her, I made this

It’s a sweet potato chocolate cake!!! Check out my recipe section under sweets for the original recipe! 😉

While the cake baked away in the oven, we got onto movie number 2:

Being a horse-lover,  I’ve been wanting to see Secretariat for a while now. Again, another GREAT movie!! I got goosebumps everytime they showed him race! Such a great story!

By the time movie number 2 was done, the chocolate cake, may or may not have looked like this…

It was barely out of the oven before we each had 1 and then maybe 2 slices.. 😉 It’s just that good!

During the break between movies 2 and 3, I made supper.  I had to move around our menu a bit since we didn’t end up having chicken Sunday thus resulting in us not having any stock for an Asian noodle bowl.  I made tuna pad thai instead. 😉

…recipe to come!

After we filled our bellies, we watched 1 episode of 24 (we just started the series) and then finished up our lazy day with this:

3 movies in one day, 3 hits!!! I loved The Town too!! I can’t get over how amazing Ben Affleck has gotten. The movie was so well done!

All in all a GREAT movie day in my books!  And all in all, a great long weekend!

I was definitely sad to go back to work today as Chris had an extra day off.


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