Wedding Update: T-7 Weeks To Go!

I’m pretty excited to say that by this time, exactly 7 weeks from now, I will be in Jamaica relaxing on the beach awaiting my upcoming wedding. Boy time sure is flying and I’m LOVING IT!!!

With only 7 weeks to go now, I am so so glad that we decided to go with a destination wedding. It’s been so nice not to really have to worry about much of anything in terms of our actual wedding day. Everything is being taken care of by the wedding coordinator at our resort. So aside from a few emails back and forth, we only have to meet up with her when we arrive in Jamaica then we’ll be good to go!  The only ‘planning’ that we’ve had to do from here is organize what we’re going to wear and put together gifts for our guests.

Thanks to the incredible ideas I found on the Best Destination Wedding Forum (where I have met some amazing fellow brides-to-be btw…shout out to you April girls!) Chris and I decided that it would be a nice gesture to provide Out-Of-Town bags for our guests – otherwise known as OOT bags.

I have purchase every couple and single a nice sturdy bag

Which we plan on ironing on the following logo (although imagine the palm tree a little darker)

We’re going to fill the bags with a variety of different items which I’ll tell you all about at a later date. 😉  Did you really think  I’d spill all the beans right away?  In all honesty, I’m still waiting for quite a few items to arrive, so I plan on making a final OOT bag post when I have them 100% finished.  I really am looking forward to seeing how they all come together!

On another note, we’ve bought our bands!!! Finally! I have literally been hounding the store’s website every single day since the beginning of January and finally last week I noticed that both mine and Chris’ bands were on sale! ..ummm score! Needless to say, we popped right on over Sunday morning, got our fingers sized and got the bands on order.

Here’s mine! Which just had to be sent out to be sized thanks to my teeny 5.5 fingers. I’m so excited because it looks incredible next to my engagement ring. I can’t wait to be able to share pictures of them together!

And here’s Chris’.  He went with a really nice tungsten one, which is custom made so we have about a 3-4 week wait on it! 😉

This picture of Chris’ ring doesn’t do it justice at all.  It actually looks SOOOO much beter in person.

Wedding DIY

Last night, I finally completely finished a little project on my list.. bubbles!  I had purchased a pack of bubbles for the guests to use at the end of our ceremony so I simply tied some ribbon in our wedding colours to ‘dress’ them up a bit. It took a whole episode of GLEE to get them done (did anyone else watch last night?) but I’m glad I can finally check them off the list!

Cute! right? 😉

Next up on my list is to finally buckle down and finish up my luggage tags so we can send all of our guests their pre-travel packet. (something else that I will post on very soon!)

Half-Marathon Training

I began my half-marathon training plan last night with a 2M run.  I ran my fastest mile ever!!! Click on the Daily Mile image on the right side bar to see details on my run. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Wedding Update: T-7 Weeks To Go!

  1. yay! the wedding is coming up so quick! it will be here before u know it!
    i also want to get married down south, so i will be hitting u up for ideas in about a year or so. hahhahah

  2. Yay for weddings! We also had a destination wedding (Vegas, baby!), and I remember being sooooo relieved in the weeks before the wedding. I remember all my friends being so stressed out, and I was just chillaxin’ the days away! We made our guests bags too – casino themed. Looks great so far!

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