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Half-Marathon Training to Begin

I haven’t ‘officially’ registered for my target race yet (waiting for my bonus to come through next week), but I have made the decision that I will begin my training program tonight.  The training program is only a 12 week program, and the race is 14 weeks away.  But with my wedding and all, I’m thinking 2 weeks of wiggle room definitely won’t hurt right?

Anyway, on to the program.

I did a lot of searching and reading up on different training programs and methods, and have decided that this one would be best for me.  I’m a busy person with prepping for the wedding and riding my horse regularly so this seems like the easiest to stick with. Mondays and Wednesdays will be my riding days, and I’m thinking of axing the short runs on Sundays and use that as a rest day.  I still do all the barn work Sunday mornings, so doing that will serve the purpose of stretching out my muscles.

To any readers who have completed a half in the past, does this program seem doable?

I downloaded some new running music last night and am looking forward to starting this program after work today! Go me! 🙂


Want to see what I made in my new casserole this weekend? Maybe two times? 😉 (I totally made this twice, it’s soooo good

 It’s a chocolate-chip banana oat cake!!  I used Angela’s recipe and it’s IN-CREDIBLE!! The only differences in mine is that I didn’t bother with the cane or white sugar (it wasn’t needed), I also used skim cow’s milk instead of almond milk, and canola oil instead of coconut (don’t have coconut). For this first batch pictured in this post, I also added 4 tsp of chia seeds and ommitted the walnuts and chopped banana pieces – only because I didn’t have any walnuts or bananas left! 

I made this cake on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday at noon, it was all gone!! Well, we did bring some over to Chris’ dad for his birthday… So Sunday night, I couldn’t help but make it again! With walnuts and banana chunks this time. 😉

Angela out did herself with this one guys! It’s a MUST-TRY!!

…and just for good measure… how cute are these two soaking up the sun on Sunday afternoon? 😉 I think Boo wanted to get in on some of that sun action in the cozy bed.


4 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training to Begin

  1. Good luck to you girl!
    I started running few months ago, and I wrote few post about this my new journey. Please drop by if you can, I would love to get some advices from you.

  2. Looks good to me. I think the farthest I ran last year was 10 miles before my 1/2 marathon. (Which, btw, is my long run this weekend, now that I’m marathon training…what did I get myself into????)

    That banana oats yumminess looks right up your alley! (:

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