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“A Little Too Ironic?”

“… Yeah I really do think”

Oh Alanis!

While driving home last night, the song “Ironic” came on the radio. My immediate reaction was to crank up the volume and proceed to belt out every single lyric. 😉  I don’t recall the last time I heard that song, but was pretty surprised that I hadn’t forgotten even one word.

“jagged little pill” was actually the very first cd that I bought with my own money. The year was 1995 and I was 12 years old.  I thought that I was a pretty cool 12-year-old blasting that album in my bedroom.

After hearing “ironic” on the radio last night, it was like a blast from the past!  As soon as I got home, I went right to my cd shelf, grabbed the album and put it in my purse so that I could listen in the car on my way to work this morning. Was the whole album as good as I remembered? Honestly, not so much.  But it was still fun going back to my 12-year-old self as I belted out the lyrics on my drive in today. 🙂


Speaking of last night, I had a really great workout on the treadmill! It was HARD, but GOOD. As I mentioned the other day, I went in with a goal of running 3 miles.  I cranked up my speed to 6.0 mph and ran my little heart out. I reached my goal of 3 miles in 30:35! It’s nice to see such an improvement in just a week! 

I was going over my upcoming half-marathon training plan this morning worrying that I wouldn’t be up to par mileage-wise to start on the 22nd, but I’m actually right on track.  The longest run during the first week of the plan is 2.5M, so if I continue to increase my mileage even by half a mile each run from now until then, I should be 100% ready to get started with the training! That makes me feel good!

Now I have a serious question for you runners out there.

I seem to have issues with what I like to call the 19-20 minute cramp curse! It happened a lot last summer on my runs, and then happened again last night.  I’ll be going along fine, with no issues, and then like clock-work around the 19-20 minute mark, I get intense cramps on the right side of my abdomen. So bad last night that I walked for a minute at that point.  Any thoughts/ideas how I might avoid this? Or get the cramps to disappear quickly?  I continue to change up my pre-run fueling but nothing seems to make a difference.  Perhaps I need to change my breathing?

Any tips would be great!


I haven’t been posting enough food on here for my liking, so I actually remembered to take some shots last night! 🙂 I was craving protein like nobody’s business by the time I got home yesterday, so I was pretty darn happy to come home to this in my crock-pot:

About 10 minutes later, after I removed all of the bones and fatty skin, it then looked like this:

Oh BBQ pulled chicken how I love thee!! All I did in the am was chop up an onion and toss it in the pot. I then set the whole chicken on top, poured on about 1/2 a bottle of smokey bbq sauce and about 1/2-3/4C low-sodium chicken stock. It cooked on low for 8 hours.

I obviously couldn’t just eat chicken, so I raided the fridge in attempt to use up as many veggies as I could. (trying not to waste here people!) I ended up sauteing a ton of mushrooms along with 2 zucchini. MMmm mmmm good!

My post-run supper (served with a glass of skim milk)


And just for fun, I actually snapped some shots of my breakfast today!  I’m telling you I just can’t get enough of these oatmeal and banana pancakes!! Literally all this consists of is 1/2C oats, a few splashes of milk, 1 egg, cinnamon and half a banana all smashed together. I cooked it on med-low for about 8 minutes. Perfect with a coffee + skim milk!

I can’t wait until summer when I can actually get some decent photos in natural sunlight!

P.S. So, it’s almost the weekend! Does anyone have big plans??  Chris and I are dog-sitting Charlie (my parents’ dog) tonight, then I have to come to work tomorrow morning for pre-inventory setup (we count inventory in 2 weeks), then I’m on barn-duty taking care of the horses tonight and tomorrow morning. We also have to squeeze in a visit with Chris’ dad tomorrow because it’s his bday! And then somehow make it to our friends’ jack & jill! Busy Busy! I’m thinking Sunday afternoon is going to be spent on the couch! 😉


7 thoughts on ““A Little Too Ironic?”

  1. Your breakfast does look good. Maybe I’ll try it out tomorrow morning! I have some amazing local oats just waiting for me in my pantry.

    As far as your running goes…here are some of my (totally non-professional) thoughts.

    A. Hydration – You should drink water BEFORE you run.
    B. Breathing pattern – just like you are right or left handed, you are probably right or left “footed” while you run. Do you begin your inhale and your exhale on your right side? Probably. I read somewhere that you should train yourself to run at a 3:2 ratio…breathing in for 3 steps and out for 2 steps, that way you don’t exert extra force on your right side every time you exhale. Same thing with swimming – you’re supposed to breathe every three strokes so you alternate sides and don’t cramp your neck.
    C. Breathing depth – shallow breaths can cause cramps.

    Anywho, those are my thoughts. Let me know what you think! And I’ll let you know about my oatmeal and banana pancakes!

  2. Great blog Laura! Congrats on your time on the dreadmill too! Those cramps you’re talking about are probably your diaphragm cramping. I read once to forcefully exhale as your foot strikes the ground on the side you’re feeling that pain. So if you have a right pain, forcefully exhale as your right foot hits the ground. Doing this helps me when my breathing gets tight in a race.

    Wow that breakfast looks yummy…

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