Drool-Worthy Breakfast

I think it’s safe to say that breakfast is hands down my most favourite meal of the day.  No matter how tired I may be, it is almost always my stomach waking me up in the morning wanting some good grub to fill it up. I just can’t function without a huge meal in my tummy first thing.

Unfortunately for me, sometimes (like this past Sunday) I have a really late night before having to get up really early.  Being extremely tired unintentionally causes me to sleep in, thus leaving no time to make a breakfast that will satisfy me 100%.  I woke up late on Sunday and only had enough time to quickly scramble up an egg and pour a bowl of Kashi cereal before heading to the farm to do my weekly chores.

Upon my arrival at home 2.5 hours later, my stomach was growling like nobody’s business!

In came 2nd breakfast 😉

None other than a ooey gooey grilled banana sandwich topped with strawberries.




I cannot get enough of these sandwiches!!! The best part is they’re not bad for you!! 😉

The bread is simply french toast (whole wheat bread dipped in a mixture of 2 eggs, skim milk and vanilla) then sprinkled with cinnamon and filled with grilled banana slices. Topped with the strawberries meant no syrup or anything was needed.  The sweetness was perfect, the taste DIVINE!!!!

If you have not tried one of these yet, what are you waiting for????

p.s. I ran 2 miles last night on the treadmill in 22:26.  My per/mile time was a bit faster than last week as I did the whole run at 5.6mph with only two 1 minute walk breaks.  Aiming for 3+ miles tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Drool-Worthy Breakfast

  1. yummmmmy! that looks like a great sandwich!

    yay for getting faster. i feel like that too with my pace. i did 2.7 miles today in 30 mins. hoping for 3 miles tomorrow also!

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