Training For A Training Program?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been seriously toying with the idea of attacking my goal of completing a half-marathon. I’ve even gone so far to pick out my target race and work on a 12 week training program. The program I’m thinking of doing is fairly straightforward (adding a mile to my long run each week leading up to my target race), but it’s certainly not going to be easy.

My weekly running mileage has dropped tremendously over the past few months due to lack of motivation to either run in the frigid temperatures or drive to where I have access to a treadmill.  I don’t have any excuses, but I’m also not going to let that stop me work towards my goals.

I will admit, I’m not at all ready to tackle this 12 week plan just yet.  That is why I am now working on getting back on the running bandwagon as my training before my 12 week training plan begins February 22.

All that being said, I had a GREAT treadmill run last night!!!! 🙂 I went in planning to run for 30 minutes, not worrying about my mileage.  Once I hit 30 minutes though, I then thought – why not? – and pounded out to finish 5K!  It’s been a while since I’ve gone that far and it felt great. 

Here’s what my workout looked like with the incline left on 1:

Minutes Speed (MPH)
0-5 5.6
5-10 5
10-15 5.6
15-20 5
20-21 6
21-22 5
22-23 6
23-24 5
24-25 6
25-26 5
26-27 6
27-28 5
28-29 6
29-30 5
30-31:25 3.5
31:25-33 5.3
33-34:57 5.7

I’m not the fastest runner on the planet, and yes I did walk at the end, but I’m happy. 5K in 34:57 isn’t too far off of my time last summer and this is after having all kinds of time off!

I plan on continuing these treadmill runs at least 2x a week while I work on deciding if I’m for sure going to attempt the half-marathon.  February 28 is the deadline for the current price (before the entry fee goes up to $70!), so I will decide for sure by then. 😉

Anyone else planning on a half or even a full marathon this year?


6 thoughts on “Training For A Training Program?

  1. Woohoo! Nice 5K! I don’t mind the treadmill, but I’m feting used to running in the cold. My marathon’s in May, but I had to start my program already!

    • thanks!! i definitely miss the outdoor running and actually covering ground. but i have trouble breathing if it’s too too cold. plus with not-so-good knees, i’m too scared to run on the snow/ice!

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