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What I Did On My Snow Day

Yesterday ended up being a snow day!!!

This is what our view looked like throughout the day:

Call me a wimp, but I absolutely LOATHE driving when there’s a snowstorm going on. I worry and stress making for not a very fun experience.  I warned my boss Tuesday night that if it was bad when I woke up, I wouldn’t be braving the roads. So, needless to say, when Chris and I awoke to super loud winds and snow smashing on our window, we knew right away that we’d be staying home.

Chris’ work actually ended up being closed, and in preparation, he brought some work home to do.  I however can’t really do any part of my job from home, so I decided that yesterday would be the day I finally tackle the dreaded basement.


I’ve been trying to organize our basement essentially since Chris moved in last summer, but junk just kept building!

I’m almost embarrassed to post this, but….


Chris’ brother just moved and is actually taking my old computer desk (score!). So I’ll say that the idea of the desk leaving helped give me that extra push to get something done.

I headed down with a cup of tea and garbage bags.  A lot of purging and filing was done, as well as some vacuuming with our new shop vac (courtesy of Chris’ parents after we kept theirs hostage for 3 months 😉 ).

..before I became a homeowner, I never thought I’d be excited about a shop vac! Oh how things change!

I literally spent a solid 3+ hours working away down there and am SO HAPPY with the results!


Notice something hanging??? I finally got around to hanging up my SportingLife 10K medal! 🙂

The basement as a whole is still far from being completely done, but I’m happy with what I got done yesterday.

What’s left?

  •  I still have some patching up and painting to do (you might notice only 2 walls are painted — that’s because I ran out of paint!). Hopefully once the wedding is done I’ll have time to tackle that project before gardening season begins!
  • I also have some built-in shelving units to paint and install (for an area I didn’t show you today as it’s still a mess!). But I found two table leaves in my garage which were left by the former owners of the house. My plan is to sand them down, paint them and install in a little alcove for a shelving unit – they fit perfectly!
  • Chris and I have a LOT of books between the two of us, so I’m hoping to line one wall with tall white bookcases to load up with all our favourites.
  • Would also be nice to hang shelves for the stereo and tv
  • And then perhaps some art??

😉 oh the ideas I have for this space.  It’s so cool how after living here for almost 4 years, I’m finally starting to transform this area.  I think my absolute favourite part about owning my own home is the freedom.  Freedom to transform and do whatever we can dream up.

So.. anyone else have a snow day?  What did you do?

p.s. Shovelling yesterday sucked! 😉 Moving that heavy stuff was definitely a good work out!


One thought on “What I Did On My Snow Day

  1. I had snow days Tuesday and Wednesday. No cleaning, but I did get outside for a little bit Tuesday in the parks to snowshoe. Yesterday it was tooooooo darn cold.

    Ikea bookshelves are the best – the Expedit series. (Although I have no clue where there’s an Ikea in CA)

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