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A Pony Makes Everything Better

It’s no secret that I’ve had a somewhat rough couple of weeks between all of the dentist appointments and fighting a cold that came out of nowhere.

Well yesterday it was like everything came crashing down.

My work day started with a customer yelling on the other end of the phone. How lovely! He was frustrated with my supplier, thus taking it out on me. (One of the things I hate about my job) That conversation set my mood pretty low for the entire day and then I slice my finger under the nail on a file folder! OMG OW!!!! I think towards the end of the afternoon, I literally said here at my desk thinking “what’s next?”

You know what was next? Upon leaving the office I  notice a lovely CRACK that had just begun on my windshield! Great…. (This happened 2 winters ago).

It honestly felt like one of those days where the whole entire world was against me.

So what was a girl to do?

After crying and venting to my mother, I headed over to the farm. You would think that I would be going to see Chelsea and have her make me feel better. But no. This time of year, Chelsea hates the world too (she wishes we lived in Florida), so I actually went especially to see this face:

these photos are obviously not from last night, but they at least give you the cuteness factor of why this girl makes me feel better

Meet Daisy Duke.

Daisy is a pony that I picked out at a horse auction several winters ago.  The owners of my farm paid next to nothing for her, I trained her and now she’s essentially worth her weight in gold. She’s an incredible pony who gives me love no matter what. 😉

It’s pretty great showing up at that place and always seeing Daisy looking at me as if waiting for me to go and say hello. Last night, I think she was surprised when I actually went right over to her field to bring her in!  I hadn’t ridden her in a while (I’ve been leaving that up to the kids) but last night was definitely the time to give her my undevoted attention.

I spent a good time snuggling and grooming her and then we had an awesome ride together. I felt SO much better afterwards. I felt like nothing else mattered.

I still have these darn issues to deal with, but at least I know I have that escape from life if I need it.


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