Warm Up With Quiche

I hate to say it, but this darn head cold just won’t go away! I’m getting so fed up because I want to be working out (I was on such a good roll), but my body just isn’t agreeing with me. 😦

After a quick trip to the farm yesterday to see Chelsea, I decided to give some yoga another go. I just really wanted to move my body and I figured that I at least had enough energy to do a 25 minute session. Sadly, after only 15 minutes, I had to call it quits. Yoga with a head cold don’t exactly mix well together.  All the time spent with my head upside down was causing some not so fun pounding. Boo!

Tonight is a write off now too because I have another dentist appointment – yikes! 😯  I need to get some fillings taken care of tonight and I’m so NOT looking forward to it!

Here’s hoping I can get back into the swing of things workout-wise tomorrow. I miss it!

Now onto this quiche. Mmmmm mmmmm good!

The instant I read THIS post on (never home)maker last week, I knew that I needed to make a quiche.

It just so happened that I had some leftover roasted broccoli and cauliflower in the fridge and I figured that a warm, comforting quiche would be the perfect way to eat it up in a new way.

Isn’t she pretty?

Want the recipe?  Well, I used Ashley’s recipe essentially to a tee, so do check it out here. The only changes/differences is that I did use cow butter and milk. I also changed up what went inside the quiche. (You could essentially put anything your little heart desires in this!)

What’s inside my version?

I started out with a layer of low-fat marble cheese

Next I added our leftover roasted broccoli and cauliflower, along with 1 chopped green onion and some fat free ham

Next up – the egg mixture

And then I baked away. I did find that it needed an extra 10-15 minutes baking time as it came out uncooked after the required time.

I just LOVE the rustic look to this quiche

This was a total spur of the moment supper last week and I am so glad I made it. The flavours were amazing and the crust! Wow, that’s a crust recipe that I’m definitely going to use again – perhaps even for some sort of fruit tart it was that good!

hmm now that I’ve written this post, I want more quiche! 😉


2 thoughts on “Warm Up With Quiche

  1. delicious.
    i love ur recipes. they are always so easy and dont require lots of ingredients. u can just throw in whatever u like! love it!
    keep em coming!

    • i’m so glad you’re loving them! 🙂
      that’s how i like to cook – quick, easy and not a lot of ingredients. keeps the cost of groceries WAY down, but it’s still healthy!

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