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Under The Weather = Modified Workouts

It has been 4 days now since I woke up with a scratchy throat. Yesterday, day 3, I developed a cough that sounded like it should be coming out of a heavy smoker (I have never smoked a cigarette in my life).

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All week I’ve been denying that I have a cold, but  now on day 4, as I sit here with somewhat of a blocked up head, I think I’m there.  I don’t know where this came from? My energy level is essentially non-existent and I am beyond bummed that I won’t be able to proceed with my planned workouts for the week.  I am thankful that I at least got a 30 min interval run in on Monday but dang! I hoped to do so much more.

I will listen to my body though.

I thought maybe I’ll do a Jillian dvd tonight, but with my energy level where it is, I’m thinking that might not be such a good idea.

Perhaps some more beginner level yoga is in my cards so that I’m at least doing something?

How does your workout schedule change when you’re feeling under the weather?


4 thoughts on “Under The Weather = Modified Workouts

  1. My partner came down with a cold on our way home from Canada over the Holidays. As soon as I get a cold it always becomes bronchitis and I already had a huge episode in November. I had orderedAthletic Greens which is a wholefood supplement, so I doubled my dose and I stopped at Wholefoods. The lady there recommended Elder Blackberry Syrup. I scoffed but bought it. I slept in a different room with a super air purifior. But I got the cold anyway. Though I had only taken one dose of the syrup. Well that night I got online researched Black Elderberry Syrup and was suprised what I found out. So I started taking two teaspons three times a day and the cold was gone in three days. My partners lasted for weeks. I kept doing my Hot Yoga Classes all through out and never modified routine. Thought I would share this little gem with you. I am still amazed about that little syrup! Who knew?

  2. When I’m feeling icky….I just do more stretching and yoga and less intense stuff. Although I did read once that cardio can cause a cold to go away faster! But I guess that depends on the type of cold and how bad it is!

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