Weekly Workouts: #2

My workouts last week weren’t exactly as great as week #1, but it’s different when you’re off work.  So let’s just say I’m working on transitioning into my new workout schedule while trying to balance everything perfectly.

Monday January 10 – on this day I ran. I ran for 30 minutes on the dot to be exact. I don’t remember my mileage (I guess I should have written that down) but it was a good solid run.

Tuesday January 11 – This was the day I decided to try getting up earlier to do a workout. It was definitely tough, but I did it and completed Jillian’s 6-Week, 6-Pack.

Wednesday January 12 – This was the day I shovelled.  We had snow over night, so I was out at 6:15 am shovelling away before going to work. I also had to go to the dentist late in the day, so no time for another workout.

Thursday January 13 – A day off. As great as I felt after working out every single day that first week, I know taking breaks are good.  I’m one who will 100% always listen to my body no matter what. So on this day, I went to the farm and just groomed Chelsea. Chelsea is on her winter holiday now anyway. 😉

Friday January 14 – Hello Bob Harper! Chris bought me a subscription to Women’s Health for Christmas, which I am SO excited to get! 🙂 I have yet to see my first issue though, so Friday I decided to check on the Women’s Health website. That is when I came across this workout from Bob Harper. I was intrigued right away and thought I would give it a shot. WOW it was hard! So this is what I accomplished with essentially no break in between:

  • Skaters – 30 reps each side
  • Single-Arm Hang Snatch – 20 reps each arm
  • Burpees – the workout called for 50!! (holy hell!), I managed 25
  • Prisoner Squats – 35
  • Mountain Climbers – 25 each side
  • Weighted Turkish Getups – 5 each side (I’m still trying to master this one)
  • Lunge Jumps – 15 each side
  • T-Pushup – 8 each side

I was SOAKED after this workout! So it’s definitely one to try again when I need to kick my own ass. 😉

Saturday January 15 – Snow Day! We shovelled not once, but twice this day. between the shovelling and housework, I had enough of a workout.

Sunday January 16 – Barn work day. Had 12 stalls to muck all while hauling the 50lb wheel barrow through almost a foot of snow (12 times). Exhausting, but a great workout.

I’m continuing to push on through in hopes of getting another great workout week under my belt this week!  There are 12 weeks left until my wedding trip and I’m just dying to have my stomach toned up by then.


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