Morning Workouts + Music

Today was the day.

I set my alarm extra early with plans to get up and do Jillians Six-Week, Six-Pack dvd. *sigh* Why do these plans always sound so great in my head, but then are so hard to actually execute?


Don’t get me wrong, I did it! I dragged my butt out of my warm and cozy bed and did it! But boy was it hard.

Some people find working out early before work easy. Many use early mornings as their prefered workout time. For me, getting up even earlier to my already early day is definitely tough.

If anything, the actual exercise isn’t the challenge for me. It is actually a big mental challenge, so I’m proud of myself for being mentally strong this morning. When the alarm went off, a BIG part of me wanted to say “too bad!” and just remain in bed for 30 more minutes. That little part of me finally stood up though and said no!  I got up, threw on some workout clothes and headed to the basement to say good morning to Jillian.

As tough as this morning was, I’m definitely proud of myself for getting up and doing it.

And want to know what’s even better? I had my daily workout done by 6:30am! 😉  I had planned on heading to the farm tonight after work for a ride, but they’re calling for another 5-10 cm of snow tonight, so I decided that I’ll just head home and work on some wedding stuff!

Music Tastes

I also wanted to take some time to talk about music tastes with you today.

Ever since I started running and working on striving for the ultimate playlists, my musical tastes have been evolving. To me that is a BIG thing!

A year ago, I never thought I’d find myself saying how much I LOVE the new Britney Spears single! (and omg I do! have you heard it yet?) Or how much I’m loving Katy Perry! Wow, I can’t believe I just said that!

You see, I’ve always been a very musical person. I grew up playing various instruments and when I hit high school – you know, those years when you’re striving to ‘be cool’ – I found myself listening to the best of indie/alternative/rock. I loved it but I would also listen and then proclaim how much ‘pop’ music sucked. 😉 As the years went on, my deep interest for indie rock grew and throughout my university years, I found myself attending indie concerts on a weekly basis! When I graduated from university, moved to a new town, in my own house, I slowly fell out of the indie loop. I no longer knew who was the popular up-and-coming band, if bands I liked has new material..I was lost music-wise and it was weird!

I continued to follow some of my favourites and then I started to explore.

My exploration in music expanded even more last year when I started running. As much as I love my indie/alternative/rock music, it doesn’t always make for great running material. What’s good for running? Pop.  The music that I tried to keep myself away from for so many years. Next thing I know, my go-to radio stations are 99.9 Virgin Radio and 104.5 Chum FM (GTA peeps will know what these are)! I hear new songs and all I can think about is how great the beat is and how great they’d be for running!

If only my indie-music loving friends could see me now. 😉


5 thoughts on “Morning Workouts + Music

  1. hahhahaha. at least u dont listen to 103.5 (which is the worst) but its my go to! hahahhah
    i feel the same way. i never thought i would say that i love the spice girls and knwo all the worst to all their fast songs. hahhahah

    and ps. i heard the new britney song, i hate it but i will love it for running! hahhaha

  2. Love the blog! In the summer I def prefer early morning workouts-but in the winter, ugh I hibernate until later at night!
    When it comes to running I listen to alternative, rock, anything with a fast tempo and yelling at me, lol. But I love me some britney too-I guess if you looked at my ipod you’d def raise you eyebrows!

  3. I know what you mean about the musical changes. I was a diehard Edge 102 listener in my younger years. I’m talking Metallica, Korn, Godsmack and more. While those songs too make for great running music, I now love the upbeat pop music to run to as well.

    ps Not too sure what the forecast is going to be for Saturday, but I was thinking we could get together for another run if you’re not busy and its not freezing.

  4. I just came across your blog today and I thought I would say hi as I grew up in Ontario (I grew up close to KW). I’ve done six week six pack dvd a few times…it’s great!

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