Weekly Workouts: #1

It’s a new year, and a new blog. In attempt to avoid daily posts saying “today I did this, yesterday I did this, tomorrow I will do this, etc.” I have decided to make Monday a sort of reflection day where I look at the workouts I completed the week before.  I want to do this to 1. help myself keep track of what I’m doing to ensure that I’m on track with my current goals (achieving an optimal beach bod for the wedding all while properly training for my May 1st 10K) also 2. to essentially share with you, my readers, what I’m actually doing in terms of workouts to stay fit.

After my less-than-stellar workout month of December (I found it tough juggling my workouts with prepping for the holidays), I made a point to get right back on track starting January 1st.

Saturday January 1st – My year started off with an amazingly fun and long ride on Chelsea. I rode with a few other people and we had a great time! I then continued to start my year off right by shredding my little butt off. With help from Jillian Michaels of course. 😉

Sunday January 2nd – I was at the farm by 8am to do my weekly job of mucking a barn full of dirty stalls. i consider this a workout because I am moving constantly for 2 hours lifting, tossing, dumping etc.

Monday January 3rd – I met up with Miranda from Mirandas Jeans for an awesome outdoor run. We ran/walked/chatted for about 40 minutes and covered about 3.4 miles (about 5.5 km). It was awesome going out with a friend vs. on my own.  If I had gone out alone, I probably would have only done about 3km or so. Miranda helped push me along and the 40 minutes and 3+ miles actually flew by!

Tuesday January 4th – I was back to my normal work schedule and opted for a ride on Chelsea before heading home. She was surprisingly amazing and we had a fantastic ride/workout!

Wednesday January 5th – I hit the treadmill after work for an interesting, but satisfying work out which I blogged about here.

Thursday January 6th – I headed to the farm after work and had yet another amazing ride on Chelsea!  I think she heard me say the weekend before that if she behaved for the next few rides, I would let her have her winter holiday! 😉

Friday January 7th – Since I have the goal of doing some sort of strength training workout at least 2x a week, I went straight home after work and proceeded to do Jillian’s shred. I felt great after!

Saturday January 8th – While doing our weekly shopping, I came across 1 copy of Jillian Michaels’ Six Week, Six Pack dvd for only $6.  I have been contemplating picking it up for about a month now and after reading Meghann’s views on it, I thought why not!

Once we got home from our errands, all I could think about was doing the dvd, so I gave it a go! Boy was that workout tough! I felt great afterwards though!  I’m thinking this might be my go-to dvd for the next 12 weeks to get me beach ready! 😉

Sunday January 9th – At the farm bright any early to shovel poop for 2 hours! 😉  It was definitely a hard one!

Phew! that was a bit winded! BUT, I am pretty proud of myself for doing something active every day!  I’m looking to change my routine up a bit this week to include 2 morning workouts. I’ve never been one to workout early before heading to work, but if I can manage just 2 days a week, I think I’ll be golden! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts: #1

  1. Hi! Just found your blog! I’ve been doing 6 Week 6 Pack too, but via Exercise TV on Demand! I actually did it this morning! I love it so much more than 30 Day Shred b/c there’s less cardio, yet you still feel like you’re getting a crazy good workout! And am I the only one who feels like I can instantly see my abs more after doing it?! 😉

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