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Wedding DIY: Luggage Tags

It’s asking a LOT out of our friends and family to take the time and spend the money to come and join us down in Jamaica for our wedding. Much to our surprise we currently have a list of 24 guests joining us for the big day!  That being said, we have decided that the least we could do is to provide our guests with some little gifts along the way.

I am definitely one who would much rather make things myself vs. spending the money to purchase items pre-made, so I have made quite the little list of DIY things to do before our trip.

Last night, I got started on item #1 – luggage tags.

Chris and I are planning on sending out a thank you letter in the next week or so to all of our guests who have booked their trip.  As a little something extra, we thought that we would include a custom luggage tag for each guest.  Everyone will not only get a cute little tag, personally handmade by moi, but I think these tags will also help out the group as a whole at the airport.  About 80% of our guests are flying down with us all on the same plane so if we all have the same luggage tags on our suitcases, it should make gathering everyone’s bags a little easier once we land in Jamaica.

I designed and printed out the templates for the tags the other day, and last night I began the long task of assembly.

First I gathered up the troops and then got cutting away.

The end result – a cute little luggage tag!

I managed to get 2 tags completely done (because I was too excited to post about it and needed to photograph a completed one) 😉 and then just worked on cutting out the rest.  This weekend I will have to get my pasting on in hopes of finishing them all up!


9 thoughts on “Wedding DIY: Luggage Tags

  1. omg thats a great idea!!
    love it!

    the bf’s sister is also getting married down south (and i am a bridesmaid) and eventually i wnat to get married in jamaica or something too.

    keep us in the loop of all the cute things for the wedding!

    • We are definitely blessed with some pretty amazing friends and family. I still can’t believe that we have such a big group of people coming down south with us! 🙂

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