Welcome To Starting Out Fit!

As we welcome 2011, I’d like to welcome you to my blog Starting Out Fit!

To those of you who have followed me over from my former blog, Tidbits From My Mind, thank you for checking out my new home! I have imported all of my old posts from Tidbits to try and make this transition as smooth as possible.

To those of you who are meeting me for the first time, it’s very nice to meet you! Please feel free to check out my ‘about’ section, including the drop down tabs, to learn more about me. 🙂

2011 is going to be a big year for me.  It is the year when I will be embarking on the next big stage of my life – marriage. I couldn’t be more excited for this next phase and thought it was only fitting to morph my blog along with the changes in my life. 

Both Chris (my fiance) and I strive on living a healthy lifestyle.  We proved to be successful in remaining fairly healthy and fit as singles (hey! I totally wore my high school jeans yesterday!)  and plan on blending and incorporating our healthy lifestyles into our marriage. 

The purpose of this blog is to portray aspects of our life as we embark on all of these new stages while remaining as fit as possible. Hence the name – Starting Out Fit.

I look forward to this journey! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Welcome To Starting Out Fit!

    • Hey – welcome and thanks for reading!!
      One good piece of advice I can give is to write for yourself. Don’t get caught up writing and posting things that you think people want to read because then it stops being fun.
      Looking forward to reading things from you!

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