Was That Snow?!

Yes, sadly it was.

No word of a lie, it was snowing here over my lunch hour today.  Thankfully not hard or long enough to stay, but it won’t be long now! *sigh*  Thank goodness tomorrow = 5 months until I’ll be in Jamaica!!! That will be so nice after the winter!

Check out what I had to wear the past couple of days!

The first part of my winter gear has emerged.

It is this time of year when I really wish I lived down in Florida. I get so jealous reading blogs by girls who can still wear T’s and tanks this time of year! Damn you Canadian weather!

While I’m on the topic of weather, I’ve got one more vent for you today. 😉 Time change occurs this weekend. That means no more outdoor week-night runs for this one until spring! (I won’t run outside in the dark by myself).  That also means no more outdoor week-night rides until spring either! Thankfully the weather was cooperating last night and Chels and I managed to get our last daylight week-night ride done outdoors. Into the arena we go!


I didn’t get a chance to upload pictures from Wednesday’s supper so we’re back-tracking a couple of days here. 😉

Wednesday I made what I like to call “Turkey Muffins!”

Turkey muffins are basically mini turkey meat loaves baked in a muffin tray. The individual loaves are super cute and make it real easy for leftovers.  The idea is to make a big batch and then freeze the leftovers for future meals. However that didn’t exactly work since C is a turkey muffin monster!

We had them with homemade fries and salad.

Don’t you just love my new plates btw? 😉 I found them at the dollar store of all places hehe

So back to these turkey muffins! Wanna know how I made them? Keep reading.

Turkey Muffins (ie. mini meat loaves)

First I mixed up all of the following ingredients

  • 1lb extra lean ground turkey
  • 1 egg
  • a few dashes of Worcestershire
  • onions, garlic, carrot and mushrooms sautéed together
  • s & p
  • thyme
  • 1/4c oats or breadcrumbs (I had no breadcrumbs so I used oats)

I then put the mixture into muffin cups. These silicone ones are amazing because no greasing is required! 🙂

I then spread some of our favourite bbq sauce on top before baking at 400 deg for about 20-25 minutes.

The smell was amazing. The taste even better.

Last night’s supper wasn’t as fancy. It was a cold night and I was home late after getting that ride in at the farm and having to stop for gas on the way home.

On the menu – pea and smoked ham soup with roasted broccoli.  Odd combo, I know. But the broccoli needed to be eaten. 🙂

OMG this had to have been the best roasted broccoli I have made to date! I changed my seasoning up a little bit using only a teeny bit of garlic powder, salt and pepper. YUM!!!

I was still cold and a bit hungry after supper so I decided that some sort of dessert was necessary.  I really wanted pumpkin cookies, or bread, or something… but I wasn’t about to bake.  I sat and thought about it for a second until the little light went off in my head.  This was the result:

It doesn’t look too appetizing, but boy was this GOOD!!!  I peeled then microwaved an apple just like I do when making apple sauce, and then topped with some pumpkin butter and a few chocolate chips. It looked really gross once I stirred it up (should have taken a picture) but it tasted so good that it didn’t last very long! 😉  I’m thinking this just might be on the dessert menu again tonight. Can’t let that pumpkin butter go to waste!

Speaking of not wanting things to go to waste… I have a spaghetti squash that needs to be eaten asap! As in tonight preferably, and I’m not sure what to do with it yet.  Time to do some recipe searching! 

Have a great Friday afternoon!


6 thoughts on “Was That Snow?!

    • I’ll totally take you up on that offer! And don’t feel bad about not running since Sept. I think I’ve only managed to drag my butt out there once or twice since Terry Fox — so I’m also bad! I plan to hit the treadmill during the week but would really like to try and get a run in outdoors on the weekends so I’ll be in touch!

  1. These look amazing! I’m totally making them tonight. Saw your link over at MFP and loving the recipes so far. 🙂 Any chance you’ve got an approximate calorie count per “muffin”? – mrsBACH1986

    • Hi Claire! Thanks for commenting!! I plugged in the recipe over at nutritiondata.com (a GREAT tool btw) and by using this recipe to make 8 ‘muffins’, a single ‘muffin’ would have approximately 185 calories. 🙂 Let me know how they turn out!

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