I Can’t Believe I Just Heard This

…so I’m driving back to work from my lunch break today listening to Toronto-based radio station 102.1 The Edge because they happened to be having an awesome 90’s nooner. (I love how I still remember all the words!)

Anyway, this commercial comes on advertising a big night at some club down town this coming weekend. “Top prizes include a Harley Davidson and free breast implants!” …… Say WHAT!?!!

I honestly can’t believe I heard an ad for free breast implants as a prize on the radio.


Needless to say, I changed the station.


3 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Just Heard This

    • Isn’t their morning show the worst??? I used to listen to it and not believe it or not, we wake up to KX 96 now because they actually have a decent morning show which also tells us the local weather and traffic! The Edge used to be my go-to station for so long, but not I just can’t seem to handle it too much anymore

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