It’s not November is it?

Is it really November 1 already?

Another Halloween has come and gone, and before you know it bells will be ringing and carols will be sung.

Remember when you were a kid and if you dare complained about how long a certain period of time was and then how your parents or grandparents told you to just wait until you’re older? because realistically, time flies?

Little Laura certainly did not believe this during those childhood years.  Adult Laura certainly does though.  I really truly do believe that as I get older, time starts going by faster and faster.  It makes me really stop to think about and realize all of the good things I have.  It also makes me realize that even more than before, I shouldn’t take anything for granted.  Every single moment should be cherished and I should make the most of every day.

What’s my point in all of this?

I have no point to it.  Sometimes it’s just nice to reflect on things like this.  It honestly feels like yesterday when I Sat in this very spot writing my wishes and goals for 2010 and now it’s already getting close to being over!  Time certainly works in funny ways. 🙂

Yesterday was sort of a running around kind of a day, and my camera died, so no great pictures to share with you. Boo-urns. I know. So instead, I have a “what’s going on in the wonderful world of Laura this November 1“! 🙂 How fun!

  • Wedding update! As of last Friday, our trip is now completely paid for. It’s real now folks! We also have a great group of 20 all paid up too! I am so overwhelmed with the great response we have recieved about our destination wedding. Almost all of the most important people will be joining us in Jamaica and we couldn’t be happier.  One of my grandmas + my great-aunt are even coming! It’s so cool how there is pretty much next to no planning or prepping to do now aside from getting my dress altered – and I have a Nov 20 appt for that. SO glad we decided to go with a destination wedding!
  • Fitness update! I’ve successfully completed week 1 of the 100 Push Ups Challenge and am eagerly awaiting the start of week 2 tomorrow. I was SO sore in my arm pit area for much of the week but feel great now and can’t wait to start feeling stronger.
  • Running update! My running has fallen to the wayside yet again the past month. *bad Laura* but now that the time is about to change (this saturday folks!) I am working on making up a winter training schedule to make use of my parents tread mill at least 2X a week. Goals for this coming winter? I want to become stronger and faster at the 5K distance. I then want to start working towards being more comfortable at the 10K distance. I have plans to run the SportingLife 10K again in May and would like to be properly trained this time in hopes of finishing under the 1hr mark.  And I plan on doing all this while working towards my ultimate goal, the half marathon. I am determined to do a half marathon sometime in 2011.

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