If the subject doesn’t say it all, I’m home with a migraine today.

I have been awake since about 3-4am with my entire forehead just pounding up a storm.  I actually tried to go to work today…. I literally had my coat and boots on and was out the door until the feeling of nausea hit me and I decided to stay put.

My pills (Excedrin extra strength migraine relief) are NOT working. 😦

A cold compress is not working. 😦

I still can’t fall asleep because of the pounding. 😦

Does anyone have tips for migraine relief????


3 thoughts on “Migraine…

  1. deep breathing, fresh air….and some cold meds that will knock you out so that u can sleep it off!

    i dont know. i used to get them too and they were horrible.

    hope u feel better soon 🙂

  2. when i get migraines, the only thing that helps is tylenol ultra.
    they have caffeine in them which is a pain reliever enhancer.

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