Yes folks, today is my birthday.

I am 27 today – 3 more ’till the big 3-0! 😉

Unfortunately, I had to work today – blah!  But on the bright side, the day flew by fairly quickly.

I had my usual lunch with my mom at my parents’ house and to my surprise dad was there too! We had a quick lunch and I got to blow out some candles on my little cherry birthday cake. (cherry cake is my fav and a must-have every birthday) I left their place with my birthday cupcakes to-go along with my incredible gift from my grandma!

I was greeted with another surprise when I arrived back at the office at 1pm. One of my coworkers went out and bought me a cake! Birthday cake galore!!!  This was the first time ever someone has gotten me a cake at work!!! I’m not going to lie, it made me feel pretty darn special. 🙂


First off, my awesome gift from C which I got to open first thing this morning. Season 2 of one of my favourite shows!

Cake from work!

Cup cakes from my mom! … check out the wicked container she gave me with them!

Gift from my grandma! 🙂

WOOT!!!! 🙂

I didn’t even ask for this but it was just what I wanted!!!

I’m sure you may have noticed m LL@Home logo on here. Well, I’ve been dying to start sewing items to add to my Etsy shop, however have been unable to borrow my mom’s machine to do so. Now I have my own!! So excited! 🙂

I am now off to get organized for supper!  C is taking me to an undisclosed location for my special bday supper.  Can’t wait! 🙂


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