Mexicana Night In A Jiff!

Before I get to my recap of my little Mexicana night, I’d just like to comment on the topic that’s being talked about literally all over the world today.

The trapped miners in Chile.

About 45 minutes ago, on my lunch break, I watched as they pulled up the 17th miner who had been trapped for 70 days.  He was the second man who I got to see emerge live (I saw the first this morning) and I couldn’t help but well up in tears as he held his family. I am SO happy to see that this shaft is working and the men are finally being rescued 1 by 1. Good news! 🙂

Now onto my Mexicana night. 😉

Last night was one of my late nights as I went to the farm after work for a ride on Chelsea (which was great btw) so I had something quick but awesome on the menu.


I know, I know, they don’t exactly look like much in this picture, but the taste! Oh THE TASTE!!!

Now these aren’t your normal burritos using refried beans from a can. The refried beans were made from scratch in about a big 5 minutes!! That’s right!  With the prep of the other ingredients this who supper probably took only 10 minutes to prepare.  On a late night, a quick, healthy meal like this is key!!

Are you a fan of burritos but want to stay clear of pre-made refried beans?  If so, check this out. 😉

10 Minute Burritos

Start with a can of beans – any kind. I used black beans. Rinse and put into a pan/pot on medium heat.  Add about 1/2C of your favourite salsa.

Mash together

And stir until heated

Spread onto a tortilla – I used an Ancient Grains tortilla.

Sprinkle on some cheese and green onions

Roll up and microwave for 30sec-1min just to melt the cheese and voila!

I had these with a small salad to get in my much-needed veg. It was just a simple salad of romaine, tomato and green onion topped with a red wine vinaigrette.

And since I had such a great ride, and because I didn’t want it to go to waste, I had some dessert. 😉 Leftover pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving supper!

My mom makes THE best pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Hands down!! 🙂


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