A 900+km Weekend

Hi Everyone!

We arrived home safe and sound late Sunday afternoon and I was definitely excited to get my butt into bed.

What a weekend!  I honestly spent about 88% of it driving which made it not so fun…especially the 4+ hrs worth after only 5 hours of sleep while everyone else in the car slept!

We head out bright and early – ie. by 7:45am Saturday morning to pick up my brother and sister-in-law at the GO Train station and then we were off on our trek to Ottawa.  Aside from one stop in Cobourg to get a coffee, we ended up cruising along the entire way to Ottawa. (only because all of the service centers are currently closed east-bound due to construction – what’s up with that?!)  We arrived at my other brother’s house in Ottawa by noon giving us about 1 hr to relax, grab a quick bite to eat and get dressed for the wedding.  Only to then back track about 40 minutes to the church for the 2:30pm ceremony!! (good thing I love my car!)

Did I mention before that the reason for the trip was to attend my cousin’s wedding? 😉

The service was actually really nice (and I’m not one for church things to be honest).  It was fun getting a disguised sex talk from a priest which basically explained that sex is not just for procreating, but it is an important part in a marriage. 😉  My cousin looked great and it was really awesome watching the look on his face as he watched his bride walk down the asile towards him.  Throughout the ceremony C and I kept looking at eachother with the same excitment anticipating the day we get to say ‘I do’.

After the ceremony that was just long enough, we headed to my parents’ hotel for a quick snack and drink before proceeding to the Brittania Yact Club on the Ottawa River.  It was a really nice place, but unfortunately I didn’t take the time to explore the grounds because it was FREEZING outside!

The reception was… well a reception 😉 Filled with speeches, games food and dancing.  All in all, a great night.


Ryan and Angela are a wonderful couple and it was so nice to be able to share their day with them. 🙂

The day after their wedding though = not so nice.

We didn’t make it back to my brother’s house and into bed until about 2:30am.  After only about a 5 hour sleep (I’m used to always getting over 8), the last thing I wanted to do was get back in the car for another 4 hour drive back home.  But on the flip side, I really wanted to get home!  By the time we got everyone organized, we were back on the road around 10:45am. Thankfully it was a nice day weather-wise which made for perfect driving conditions.  We made one stop for lunch and then another bathroom/snack stop along the way getting us back in Oshawa by 3:30 to drop off my brother and sister-in-law at my parents.  C and I then had to go for a visit with his parents (where we did a little bit of discussion for our wedding 🙂 and found out his aunt and uncle are coming to Jamaica with us!!), and then the dreaded grocery shopping trip. 

We usually love going grocery shopping, but that’s the last thing we both wanted to do at 5pm Sunday night after spending the weekend in the car!  Needless to say, I refused to cook supper, so we had the next best thing:

Take-out SUSHI from Mito Sushi!!! mmmmmmm.

I had a spicey california roll and a philly roll. So amazing!

It hit the spot and was a great finish to a very long weekend.

Unfortunately we didn’t get any great scenic shots along the way because we were hoping for many pictures of colourful leaves!  Surprisingly, the leaves have only *just* started changing over in eastern Ontario!  We are however heading back in that direction next weekend for a day, so we will take some scenic shots then. 🙂

Now I must get back to the grind.

Thank goodness I have Friday off! And then a 4 day weekend for THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! 🙂


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