Back In The Saddle


Despite still feeling sick by 5 yesterday, and despite the fact that it had been raining pretty much all day, and still was… I needed to ride.

I had enough with being sick and being lazy, so I got my little behind to the farm with the plan to have a good ride on Chelsea.

(photo of us from the summer)

I expected to be in and out of the farm, however she was in a great mood and we had our best ride in weeks!  I decided to make it last as long as possible.  I got nice and sweaty and even though I still felt sick, it actually felt great.  Come 7pm I was finally making my way out the door and heading home. (I’m usually home by 7 and wasn’t home until 7:30!)

Thank goodness I had a simple, quick meal planned for the night.

Supper was like I said, simple, but one of my favourites.


After cleaning the pantry on Sunday I found a 1/3 of a box of whole wheat macaroni and about a 1/4 of a bag of whole wheat egg white noodles.  I also had a container filled with leftover turkey sauce from last week in the freezer.  So I combined them all together for this simple, quick, but delicious and comforting supper.

It made me smile. 🙂

The other good thing about having a quick meal to prepare, I managed to have it all ready in time so that I was bundled up on the couch right at 8pm for GLEE!!!!!

I was so excited for the Britney episode last night and it definitely did NOT disappoint. Honestly, I must look like the biggest geek while watching this show.  I can’t even chew my food during the actual show without worrying that I’ll miss something.  And even though I watch it live, I still PVR it as well so I can re-watch as I please.  I live for this stuff people!!! 😉

Dessert – 1 square of 72% dark chocolate. Kicks that craving in the butt! mmmmm mmm good.

Looks like I have a fairly busy day ahead of me so I will leave you with that shot. 😉

C informed me last night as I got home that one of my headlights is burnt out. So guess what I’ll be tackling tonight???? I’m hoping my dad is home from Montreal early enough today so I can pop over to his place after work to get it changed. If not, I will be attempting the task myself. This just might turn into an interesting post. Stay tuned!


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