Spaghetti Without Pasta?

I am sitting here on my couch as I type out this post.  My nose is completely stuffed up, my throat is sore, and to make matters worse, my ears are blocked. I slept maybe a total of 2 hours last night. How fun.

Needless to say, I called in sick – something I RARELY do.

At least this gives me some more time to post about the incredible supper I made last night!

The star of the show was this gorgeous spaghetti squash..

I’ve actually never had spaghetti squash before, let alone cooked one before. But I’m game for trying anything. 🙂

Since C wasn’t feeling so hot yesterday either, I decided I wanted to make supper as healthy and chock full of vitamins as possible.  That is when I thought, why not make spaghetti, but use the squash instead of pasta. — I know that’s most likely not a new idea, but still new to me. 😉

I cut the squash in half, sprinkled with some salt and then baked for about 50 minutes at 400 deg until I could poke with a fork.  Upon removing from the oven, I removed the seeds in the center and proceeded to use a fork and make my ‘pasta’.

Seriously how cool is this?! I’m thinking I need to buy another one of these very soon. 😉

Meanwhile, I browned up a package of extra lean ground turkey and made a quick sauce.

No sauce is complete without some nice freshly chopped basil from the garden!

C came home just as I was about to serve supper with a little pre-supper snack that I just couldn’t turn down……

A spicy california roll from our favourite local sushi place – Mito Sushi.

It was amazing.

Ok … ok.. got a little side-tracked there for a moment. 😉

Presenting, spaghetti, without the pasta!

The squash itself served as the perfect bowl for my spaghetti squash pasta dish.

Being a spaghetti LOVER, I actually didn’t miss the pasta in this dish.  The squash had just a little crunch to it, which was so interesting and the overall taste, combined with the health factor = amazing!

I leave you now to hopefully sleep this sickness away!


2 thoughts on “Spaghetti Without Pasta?

  1. I love spaghetti squash as pasta, too! I can’t get over how excited I am for squash season!! I’ve got to finish up the butternut squash I’ve got in the fridge, but I have a feeling that spaghetti squash will be NEXT on my list! 😀

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