A GLEE-ful Evening!

despite another not-so-good ride on Chelsea (she’s got quite the attitude this week), nothing could have dampened my mood because GLEE was returning to tv for season 2!

I am most definitely a self-proclaimed GLEEK and love everything about the show!

I rushed home quickly after my ride in hopes to have supper ready in time for me to sit down and immerse myself into the wonderful world of Glee. 😉

What was on the menu?

Baked tilapia filet, roasted broccoli and whole wheat cous cous.

All I did was sprinkle some no-salt garlic & herb seasoning on the tilapia and baked for 10 min at 425. Then with some fresh lemon juice squeezed on it …. brilliant!

And as for the broccoli, I simply tossed it in some olive oil and spices then baked it as well. 🙂 This is hands down my favourite way to make broccoli now.

With my plate on my lap, glass of skim milk on the table beside me, I got nice and cozy on the couch and watched my episode of GLEE.


I’m so glad the show is back.  They have 2 new characters who have some incredible voices!!! I think this season is going to be epic!

Anyone else a Glee fan?


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