Thunderstorm Mornings

Wow it’s dark out there this morning!

I drove into work with massive flashes of lightning crashing right in front of me on the highway.



Ok so it didn’t look *that* cool, but it was still pretty crazy.

What an odd way to start of a day!

After work yesterday, I made my way up to the farm where I had an interesting ride on Chelsea.  All I can say is – HORSES! You love them, then you hate them.  Well, hate can be a strong word but boy was she a little #$@^ last night. If only it were possible to pick her brain and find out really why she does the things that she does.  One night she’ll be incredible. Everything will click and we’ll have a great workout.  And then there are nights like last night where she just is not agreeable in the least and things that she’s gone by literally HUNDREDS of times before are suddenly the scariest things in the world!


Needless to say, I got quite the workout and was pretty tired by the time I got home. So I was pretty happy that I had a super easy supper to prepare.

We had bought these President’s Choice Blue Menu breaded chicken breasts 2 weeks ago. I was very hesitant about buying them at first thinking they’d be horrendous for us, but after reading the ingredients, they really aren’t that bad! Absolutely no fatty oil or anything.  You simply bake and eat. They were a bit lacking in the flavour department (C had his with Frank’s Red Hot on them) but overall pretty good.

I served the chicken with a big fresh salad.

Yellow tomatoes from C’s mom’s garden

And local cucumber from the market

For dessert, we each had a piece of pineapple carrot cake. It was my latest creation in the kitchen!

Recipe for this baby will come later on today.  This was the first thing I have baked completely on the fly with absolutely no reference.  I just threw together the ingredients and hoped for the best!

It was pretty darn good. 😉


One thought on “Thunderstorm Mornings

  1. That pineapple carrot cake looks like heaven! Can’t wait to see the recipe!!

    My all-time favorite cake is Carrot Cake, and my favorite versions are the ones with pineapple in them! It makes them so moist! Yours looks right up my alley!! 😉

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