Terry Fox Run Recap

So, Sunday was much much anticipated Terry Fox Run – I went to do the 5K.

Training had gone well the past month and a bit and I was really looking forward to attempting my goal of completing a race with a sub-30min time.  After successfully achieving this goal in 2 separate runs over the past few weeks, I thought I was going to go even faster in the race. Sadly I was wrong.

My final time, according to my watch, was 30:35.  Better than my first 5K race time of 31:41, but 36 seconds shy of my goal.  I’m not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed.

The day started with a 6:30 am wake-up.  That gave us time to get some food in our stomachs and be out the door by 7:50 (as per my neighbour’s suggestion).  C and I both had a glass of water, a piece of toast with peanut butter, and 1 egg for some extra protein.  My parents and their dog Charlie arrived just in time and we were out of the door as planned.  Registration was from 8-9 and as soon as we arrived we wondered why my neighbour suggested we go so early?!!?  We registered and then ended up freezing our butts off while waiting for things to get going. It was probably only like 7 or 8 degrees at that time!! We could see our breathes!!

I know I have only ever run 2 races, but I had such great experiences with them rendering me not too pleased with how the event was run Sunday.  Start time was supposed to be 9:30 and we never got going until about 10:00! …… remember, we ate ate about 7am! NOT GOOD!  My energy level was already sub-par by the time the race started, and to make matters worse for me, I didn’t have my iPod with me (which is a HUGE form of motivation for me).  C was supposed to run with me (hence me not bringing my iPod) but decided last minute that he wanted to test himself and see how fast he could really go. Needless to say, I ran the entire race all on my own, with no music.  It was very different only listening to my breathing and different in a bad way.  I didn’t like it and unfortunately it stressed me out a bit.

I really struggled over the last 2km and almost stopped to walk many times.  BUT, I knew that if I walked, I would be even more disappointed. So, I just kept on running.

There was no official time clock, or no official results, but my mom, who also ran (it was her very first 5K and she killed it!! SO PROUD) was counting as runners passed her on their way back.  As per my mom’s counts, C finished 4th of the 5K runners and I finished 6th or 7th.  I’m absolutely shocked with that especially with my time, but  think that placing is actually true!! They weren’t even ready for us at the finish line yet. As in there was almost no one there ready for runners to come back!

All in all, even though I’m disappointed in my overall result, I know what the cause was (not being fueled enough by the time the race started, and no music) and despite it all, I am so proud of myself for pushing through the VERY tough moments and continuing to run.

I also just wanted to say – as I noted above – my mom just started running this past spring and although was very hesitant to give this run a go, decided to try. I am so proud of her for trying and finishing!  We sadly don’t know her time, but she showed up at the finish line maybe 4-5 minutes after me with a big smile on her face proclaiming that she only walked once at the water station!  SOOOOO proud!!! 🙂

Pics of the day:

My mom, her dog Charlie, me and C pre-race (C and I proudly sported our Sportinglife 10K shirts as that run was dedicated to Kids with Cancer – and to those who don’t know, the Terry Fox Run is a fundraiser for cancer research)

Bowmanville’s mascot. No joke, they bring this guy over from the local zoo for almost every major event. He kinda stank!! lol

The starting line

My parents’ dog Charlie post-race.  He walked the 5K with my dad and at only 17 months old, it was his longest trek yet.  The little guy just couldn’t stop drinking!!! (that’s his portable water bowl btw)

And Charlie once more

Now I’m off to find my next race! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Terry Fox Run Recap

  1. is that a real elephant? crazy!!!!!!
    good job on ur race. too bad about the no music. that sucks. but hey, u did it!!! yay

    what is ur next race?

    r u from bowmanville? i have a friend who lives there!

    • haha yes, that is a real elephant! they walked him over from the Bowmanville Zoo to kick off the run! I then ran past him in my last 1.5k as they were walking him back home. so random!

      i’m thinking about doing the Toronto Women’s 5K I believe at the end of October. not 100% sure though yet. and yes, i live in bowmanville. 🙂

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