Love Fall – Hate Allergies

Is anyone else out there suffering from allergies right now as bad as I am? 

By the time I got home last night, it honestly felt like I got hit by a bus! There is just so much pressure on my sinuses right now.  Between the sneezing and the headaches, I’ve had enough!  … le sigh… *sniff*

Needless to say, between the allergies and me not feeling so hot for other reasons, upon returning home last night after riding Chelsea, I decided I wasn’t going to cook.  It was going to be a leftover night because we still had a ton of sunday’s beef stew left in the crock pot.

The only thing last night’s cooking entailed was spooning some of the cold stew into a pot to reheat on  the stove.

Sometimes that’s the way to go on a lazy week night. 😉

I was however craving a little something sweet. Something with chocolate.

I almost made another little chocolate cake, but I didn’t have all of the ingredients. So I went for the next best thing!

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Basically I used my cookie recipe found HERE and just added about 1/2C of this! (I then omitted the addition of canola oil since there would be natural oils in the PB)

I was also really wanting to make something with my new Vanilla!!! Mmmmm. Found this beauty for only $7.99 at Home Sense on the weekend. $8 for pure vanilla is a steal! thank goodness because it irks me to spend over $20 on a small bottle (which is the usual price for this stuff) and I just can’t bake with the fake stuff. It’s not the same!

While my cookies baked, I enjoyed my leftover stew with a slice of whole wheat bread.

Not fancy in the least, but it was comfort food and what I needed.

Dinner was then topped off with a little sampling of my new cookie creations nice and hot out of the oven.


Not long after I finished up, C had finished his workout and then we spent the remainder of the night snuggled up watching Friday Night Lights. I am so in love with that show!

So despite feeling under the weather, the day had a pretty good finish. 😉


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