More Saturday Eats

After my run and ride yesterday, I was starving and needed a lunch with subastance!

Nothng was really planned but I had a good idea of what I could make.

I grabbed the following ingredients

  • 1/2 a zucchini
  • leftover minced onions
  • whole wheat egg noodles
  • a can f tuna
  • pasta sauce

First, I sauteed the onions and zucchni while the pasta cooked.Ā  Then I mixed it together with a can of tuna and a bit of pasta sauce.

It was a quick, simple and HEALTHY lunch – it was exactly what I needed at the mid-point of my day.

We then spent the afternoon TV shopping.Ā  We desperately need a new tv for our living room because the barking noises that were coming out of my current hand-me-down one, were causing my stress levels to go through the roof!!!

Sadly, we just can’t afford a tv at this point in our lives with the wedding coming up and such. So, we’re making due with my teeny tiny probably 18 inch one that is meant to go in or gym.

We were so tired by the time we finished our errands (which included grocery shopping too) that we decided we would forgo our planned meal of enchiladas for supper and have breakfast!

We picked up this chicken bacon to try

We had this with eggs and toast.

Breakfast for supper! šŸ™‚

It was definitely awesome.

Now I sadly must get back to our marathon of house cleaning. How fun!!

Stay tuned to find out what’s cooking away in my crock pot. šŸ˜‰


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