Friday = Workout Night?

So I came home last night all rearing to give a new workout a try.

I’ve never really been one for doing much strength training .. or really any weights at all .. and I know  should be.  My running is awesome, as is my riding but my body needs more to look its best.

Several weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive a package in the mail with about 6 or 7 Oxygen magazines. (thank you K!) I’m still working on reading through them, but this week, in an issue from 2009, I found a really great all-body strength workout.  I knew right away that I could do it and that I should do it, so it was all about making time. Sweet precious time.

I came straight home from work last night with a no-excuses attitude, changed into some workout clothes, got last minute tips from C in regards to how to execute a few moves and down I went into our gym. (yes, we have our own little gym in the basement)

The workout!

I did 2 sets of the circuit below.  It took just under 30 minutes and is meant to be done 2X a week to start and then be increased to 3X a week. (I’ll stick to 2X for now)

Dumbbell squat – 10 reps
Bench step-up – 12 reps

Dumbbell bench press – 10 reps
Dumbbell fly – 12 reps

Biceps curl – 10 reps
Hammer curl – 12 reps

Arnold press – 10 reps
Lateral dumbbell raise – 12 reps

Dumbbell crunch – 8 reps
Bicycle crunch – 20 reps

Dumbbell bent-over row – 10 reps
Dumbbell straight-arm pullback – 10 reps (this was soooo hard!)

Bench dip – 10 reps
Seated dumbbell overhead extension – 12 reps

I felt really good after this workout.  And my body is definitely  a little sore today. That’s a good thing right?

Now I am sitting here with the windows wide open, breathing in the fresh air, as I digest my little snack before heading out on my much anticipated morning run! I just mapped out what should be an easy 5K run, so we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

Happy Saturday!


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