Goodbye Heat Wave!

I have basically 1.5 days of work left and then it will be time to relax and enjoy the long weekend!!!

And when I say enjoy, I mean it!!!

According to the Weather Network, our area reached a maximum temperature of 34.8 degrees C (so 94.64 F) BEFORE humidity this past week.  Factor in the humidity, our temps were around 40-41C (so more like 105 F!!) That’s HOT!!!!

I’ve literally been dragging my little behind during this current heat wave and have had enough.  I even mentioned to C last night how badly my legs were just itching to run!  Sadly, my body just can’t handle stress like that in these temperatures, so I haven’t gone our for a run since last Saturday!

But oh! Look at our lovely weekend forecast! (and I don’t even care about the rain! we actually need it here)

High’s of 18, 18 and 21!!!! (so 64.4 and 69.8 F)  Now THOSE are temperatures I can work with!! I’ll get to finally turn off the AC and open up those windows!! (I love having the fresh air flow through my house..the cats do too)

I am beyond excited to get in lots of running this weekend.  Plus I’ll finally be able to work on some yard work too without sweating buckets!

Oh how I ♥ that it’s almost fall!


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Heat Wave!

  1. I went for a run this morning. I left the house at about 7:40am, and 10 minutes into my run it was HAWT! though I do love those temperatures for running, today is perfect weather for me. Hubby and I turned off our AC last night around 10, and opened the house up. I can’t stand the AC and love my windows open too.

    • I ran at about 8am last saturday morning when it was about 16-18 degrees and it was amazing. I could actually breathe!
      Hence my excitement for these temps to drop. I just might end up out there every day this weekend. Want to power through the Terry Fox Run. (are you doing it btw?)

  2. I wish I could get that excited that it’s almost Fall! I’m a summer gal, but then again our summers are hardly hot so you can always run outside.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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